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  1. I'm so jealous of all the pictures I see in the marketplace with their flawlessly smooth avatars with no jagged edges! Wah... So I know my laptop and graphics card aren't the best, I have Intel r hd graphics 4000 and they insist that it supports antialiasing but I see no effect when I turn on 4x. I also can't seem to figure out the windlighting everyone's been mentioning. I hope it's possible to smooth out SL since I'd like to properly show off the skin I made. Is there any hope for this laptop or should I hope instead for a better laptop?
  2. It is, I posted in the answers form: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Account/Why-is-my-account-unavailable/qaq-p/2951924 there's a screenshot. The post was on the 24th, the message said to wait till the 25th. Like I said any time I tried logging in after that the wait time went up. I just thought I'd correct you on how urgent it could feel to someone. I don't think it's necessary to lessen someone elses problems, that's all.
  3. Send us a screenshot or tell us what message you're getting when you try to log in.
  4. I want to test it out without spending L to upload it. Someone mentioned I could replace the skin textures of one of the default avatars but I'm curious if there's a less tedious method. Also, what file format should I save the skin as?
  5. Actually the same thing happened to me recently, at first it said I had to wait a day (which is definitely not just a few minutes) and the numbers just kept going up when I'd try to log in anyway, so it's not an overreaction to call it outrageous, when it happened to me I thought I had been suspended After 20 minutes or so I was able to log back in just fine. I'm just saying, don't insult the guy for freaking out a little bit, especially since money's involved. It's not the most effective crash message after all.
  6. I'm asking people what they like because I want to see what they like, I'm not asking for advice for my own avatar. It's just fun to discuss these things, people can have such a wide variety of tastes. My avatar looks pretty much exactly how I want her to look but of course if I had some extra cash there's room for improvement (Goodness knows I'd like some nice hands...)
  7. Dawn Khaos

    control panel

    Might help if you provided screenshots or some other information about the error.
  8. Just out of curiosity, while I wait for SL Viewer to stop giving me such a hard time, what are the best looking avatars you've seen? Maybe your own avatar is really good looking, no need to be modest, I've been really wanting ideas. I've noticed that a lot of things on the market really don't strike my fancy, they lean too much toward voluptuous and extremely large pouty lips... Personally I like avatars that delve more into the cute or pretty category than the sexy category, what struck my interest was this post. Despite her complaints about the shadows, I think that's a lovely avatar, very mild. <3 Uniqueness always gets me too. I have no idea where I got my current skin but I like it more than the expensive one I had been using previously because it's not 'flawless' or extremely 'airbrushed' and she even has a few body freckles. Maybe I'm weird for liking things like that. My preferences from the real world kind of leak into my prerefences in SL, the 'ideal bodied celebrity look' is boring to me.
  9. http://puu.sh/jbKeL/987c3c9145.png Huh? Why? :c I was on literally moments before this happened, I was restarting the viewer because my avatar wasn't loading properly. I don't understand, I have never broken any rules.
  10. Still interested and looking! So far I haven't gotten replies to anything I've applied to, or the places I've visited were deserted. Seems like a lot of people prefer to roleplay in private areas so it's difficult for me to find someone...
  11. Although I agree with everyone, I think you're wasting your time complaining here. Just start something of your own!
  12. Oh well I don't remember. That was like 6 years ago for me...
  13. I have almost 10 years of experience with roleplaying but very little experience with roleplaying on SL, it may take me awhile to adjust, I'm used to chat and forum roleplay. Regardless, I put a lot of time into getting involved in any roleplay I'm a part of, I usually take time to thoroughly read the lore and create my character. I know about godmodding, autohitting/dodging, and metagaming so no worries as far as that goes! I'm mainly interested in: Active, ongoing roleplay.Semi-para to para roleplay.Any time period from modern to medieval to renaissance.Fantasy elements are a huge plus.Welcoming communities with some OOC! I'm not interested in: RPGs or anything that focuses more on combat and the use of dice and stats than story writing. (I will roleplay combat, but not with dice, it's boring to me.)Scifi settings (I don't have any scifi outfits.)Feral settings (I don't have animal avatars.)Anything that requires me to make a purchase.I don't mind filling out an application or going through a short joining process, HOWEVER extremely strict RP is a little intimidating, I need conversation and communication. I absolutely will not join a RP that is made to be more of a chore or a job than a source of entertainment.
  14. Eerr well this was taken off topic rather fast...
  15. Yes I use a display name. I don't know why it doesn't appear in the forums though. (and yes I think I left before that was removed.)
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