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  1. The reason I opened this thread is because there was no category I could file this under whatsoever.
  2. The issue persists, and aside from a single post from a completely new friend, my feed is still completely empty. It has my entire SL history on it, for crying out loud. I am getting angry at it right now!
  3. I have never changed my legacy name, only my display name. My profile still looks empty.
  4. Hello, I know that the my.secondlife website had some maintenance recently, but ever since, my profile has been partially wiped, and only on that website. My posts, name changes, profile picture, friends and following list are completely empty, but my bio, real life bio, notes, picks and partner are all still there. I have looked at friend's profiles, and they seem to be normal. I wish to know where I could report this? The knowledge base and ticket submission don't have a category for this.
  5. The logs are instantly transmitted to a publicly viewable channel in his Discord server. So it's not for an abuse report. There also is no separate spot on the area that is not monitored, so from the moment you enter and while you get the notice, you are already being monitored. Thank you for these links.
  6. Hello, A friend of mine relatively recently put a chat relay on his public club parcel which sends everything that happens in local chat to a public Discord channel on his server (on which a fair amount of people are). Now, I myself found this rather disturbing and it feels like a violation of privacy. He has put up an automatic notice that pops up when you enter the club, which states that everyone is being recorded and that being on the parcel is giving consent. My question is, is this within the terms of service?
  7. I am using Chrome, yes. Thank you. Clearing the cache has solved the issue!
  8. Hello, For a couple days now, whenever I visit my.secondlife, it is completely empty. I am seeing the layout, but absolutely no posts at all. When I visit a profile of someone, it also appears empty. However, if I visit the site while logged out, I can see a feed of posts. Notice that in the provided pictures, Hippie Bowman appears twice. On his profile, I can't see anything, while he does appear with fairly recent posts on the feed. My main view My own profile Hippie Bowman, a friend Logged out. Notice how Hippie Bowman has a few fairly recent
  9. Hello there, My physics layer suddenly stopped working properly, as one half of my avatar now looks weird. I have tried relogging, which usually works, making a copy of the physics and even getting a fresh copy, but they all have the same result. The weird thing is that only I can see it, and other avatars with the same physics layer are not affected. To describe what the issue is, I've made this video: https://i.gyazo.com/48bdea08fba4915723e1cc45898ff6e8.mp4 On the left is me. On the right is a friend with the same body and same physics that appear to be working properly. What could be the ca
  10. There are many sandboxes scattered around the grid. Looking for the word "Sandbox" will get you to most of these places. Alternatively, you can put this Linden Labs sandbox in your landmarks: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sandbox%20Island/
  11. As far as I can see, your items should have arrived. What I can see is that an object of most likely the same owner has given you a mesh body, which also is the one that says it's timed out (the body, not the object). Try searching for the item in your inventory or try to get a bigger picture, if you cannot find it. If however you think the item has never reached you, you can always contact the creator.
  12. You don't need no house or money in SL. In fact, many people I know never had either! There are many free items all around the grid and the marketplace to make your avatar look fabulous. There are many interesting places to visit and many interesting people to meet. Just search for your favorite activity, tv show, community,... and you'll find many places where people gather to do or talk about these things. Having lots of lindens and a house of your own is nice, but talking to and joining people in the things you love, that's what SL is all about.
  13. Usually, Paypal has a 15 dollar limit before you can use it. This means that you need to add money to your paypal account until you have at least 15 dollars before you can pay anything/anyone with it. Top up your account, wait a few days for the confirmation e-mail and then you can use your paypal to buy lindens.
  14. Hey there, I am looking for a homestead or full sim that offers a parcel that measures at least 8192m² with 700 prims or more to put a club on. Adult region is highly wanted, but moderate will be fine too. My planned budget is at 1500 to 2500 lindens a week.
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