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  1. Kurshie Muromachi

    Engraved Copperplate Print? Any tips?

    I like the effect shown in this tutorial for getting some sort of effect similar to copperplate engraving. Doesn't look like a simple one-click action type thing, though. Just take what you've done so far and apply what's in the tutorial. https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-the-classic-look-of-an-engraving-in-photoshop--psd-289 I think for this effect, you're looking for lines that flow with the surface of the subject in the scene. Your picture is relatively straight surfaces, so it's not as tricky. The land/water could possibly be a bit wavy and maybe just a tad of engraving for the atmosphere. You can mask out areas to apply effects. But, it's totally up to you. FYI - I was playing around a bit and the filters Graphic Pen or the Halftone Paper (set to Line) might get some effects you're interested in. Liquify or Distortion/Warping might be useful for giving line/engraving effects some dynamics and flow. Some additional reference shots I was looking at for examination of copperplate prints. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-W_fWVj5ygyY/UAs3uHS0MFI/AAAAAAAAAEI/VPHp97fyo5U/s1600/interm+etch1.jpg https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/images/hb/hb_49.95.870(10).jpg http://www.rareoldprints.com/p/13995/$FILE/Gregory's 1.JPG
  2. What does the Lab look for in feature requests that would more likely make them accepted? Does vote/watch count really matter or does it really come down to the content within? I feel like that specific content automatically gets swept away that they don't have resources for. For example, what would make the Lab more willing to accept something such as UX/UI improvements to help with user experience, productivity and knowledge of tools?
  3. Kurshie Muromachi

    Where Do You Demo?

    Demoing in cam sims seems generally easier. If it's bad enough to where it's just impossible to see any result with demos, I either go to a sandbox or find an empty mainland sim. Demoing at the event has the advantage of being able to purchase the item while there since it may be difficult to get back in on a free account. The last event I recall that was impossible to work with was one dedicated to shoes. I think it was set to like 100 people or something and it was molasses.
  4. Kurshie Muromachi

    Things are bleary.

    Ah thank you. Completely missed that part.
  5. Kurshie Muromachi

    Things are bleary.

    Note the tooltip shown below for the Viewer Texture Memory Buffer setting - "Reducing this may improve performance but may also make textures blurry". Have you tried raising that to 2GB from the 1GB you seem to be set at? Your GTX 1060 has a standard video memory configuration of 6GB (Edit: Missed your 3GB spec detail in pasted info sorry). Also, be aware that Windows OS itself uses video memory as well as background applications such as Google Chrome browser. You will notice this if you use GPU monitoring tool such as GPU-Z which can report video memory utilization. I personally use the Black Dragon viewer which has a built-in GPU memory meter. Also, Speedtests are generally done on some random speedtest server that may not reflect closely to the SL servers because of entirely different locations or different network routes. You will want to test against the server you're connected to or a speedtest server closest to it. Unfortunately, I don't have any up to date info on which speedtest servers to use. Maybe someone else knows.
  6. I've noticed that a lot of fashion shoppers suggest the CalWL Windlight to users. I personally don't like that Windlight. I have pale skin and it just seems to make the skin over-exposed or washed out. I think the other one is Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim. It's a little better I guess but still not quite right. They just feel unnatural to me.
  7. Kurshie Muromachi

    How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    A few more months and it would be 13 years. I'm surprised I didn't hear about Second Life sooner. I just happen to be searching for something one day and I saw SL come up in the results. It's a lot easier to find new product developments these days.
  8. Kurshie Muromachi

    Why should I pay for a demo?

    /me starts looking for a Panties in a Bunch 0L$ demo
  9. Kurshie Muromachi

    Why should I pay for a demo?

    It's not really off topic, though. The point is about minimizing unnecessary costs.
  10. Kurshie Muromachi

    Why should I pay for a demo?

    The idea that 1L amounts to practically nothing is no reason to justify it as acceptable. I see no reason anyone should just throw minuscule amounts of money around just to find out whether they like something in the end. Those of you using it as a means to gift someone a demo, ideally there should be a way to do so without using such a method and at the cost of zilch. In a way, it's like paying 10L to upload something you can't preview (things without temp upload) only to find out you made an error. Pay for potential upload mistakes? SL should be about promoting learning of the tools efficiently (meh @ beta grid testing) while minimizing unnecessary costs.
  11. Kurshie Muromachi

    Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I'm sure they know. It was definitely brought up in the Sansar product meetings for improvements. The Amazon multi-listings use case was brought up as an example. That would be so nice because I like to search for items based on actual creator listings and I end up seeing a bunch of gacha listings. Sometimes, too many. I tried using a "NOT gacha" search, but that only helps so much.
  12. Kurshie Muromachi

    Shopping from a HUD

    I personally favor shopping HUDs like FaMESHed GO. I wasn't so crazy about jumping around to stores at first, but then I found myself browsing the actual creator stores while I was there trying other things out that I have missed in the past. Designers might want to consider the potential there. In the past, I've wondered why some popular events didn't allow posting demos in the group notices like how Hair Fair does. Most of the demos I try end up being no-go's for me, so it saves me the effort of even getting into the event.
  13. Kurshie Muromachi

    SL Crash?

    Digital Attack Map looks pretty busy... I guess SL is getting hit again?
  14. Kurshie Muromachi

    Been trying to log in for 15 min

    I just got logged off a few minutes ago but wasn't paying attention to the screen at that moment. Now I'm having an issue even trying to connect. It tries and tries but no luck. SL Status page shows everything is green and operational at this moment.
  15. Kurshie Muromachi

    A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    I was actually considering asking a similar question of whether the in-world tools would ever get any modern day love. I ended up scratching it though because I figured it would never fly and there are people who would throw the "there's already advanced 3D modeling tools, just use those" reason. I'm not asking for an advanced 3D modeler, but you're right about other demonstrated platforms. There are even some impressive web-based modeling tools like VECTARY. I think the prim tools could be modernized with actual meshing capabilities. If network efficiency is a concern, perhaps making the tools work form a client-side local storage could help in that case. Local creations could then be maybe published using mesh import options. This however won't be very user-to-user collaborative friendly.