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  1. Kurshie Muromachi

    Photography locations

    Flickr has groups dedicated to destination and exploration photography and generally include a SLURL link in the descriptions. Here's one for example. https://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlife_exploringdestinations/pool/
  2. Kurshie Muromachi

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    It's a SL 2.0 thread. I didn't see any harm with considering something that would actually be an enhancement of the prim tools. Just for the record, when I refer to pushing mesh changes to other users, I consider that server-side. Sorry I didn't meet your question specifically.
  3. Kurshie Muromachi

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    I meant it as in LL creating the mesh tools. Aren't the prim tools already open source since the viewer is open source? Besides, people will find ways to tamper with lots of software. I'm just making an example in the case if it were an excessive amount of data to be tossed around. Think of it as bottlenecks and looking for alternative ways, such as having it client-side if need be. And there's nothing for LL to think about or see changes about since they haven't implemented mesh creation tools (similar to that of 3D apps) within SL, yet.
  4. Kurshie Muromachi

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    Just an example, but you could create a client-side mesh creation tool and then publish the result to the server to save on excessive pushes of mesh editing updates.
  5. Kurshie Muromachi

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    I would say everything that was in the JIRA or mentioned in TPV meetings that was deemed won't do or not within scope would be fit for 2.0. 😏
  6. Kurshie Muromachi

    What if SL existed for another 100 years

    Well, I'd imagine an improved and matured Ray Tracer will at least become the standard for experiencing 3D worlds and that we'll be running SL on our own personal quantum computers.
  7. Kurshie Muromachi

    Password Strength and Security

    There was a recent password dump of like 42 million email records on the net. About 91% are duplicates of previous dumps. Just to reflect on what the OP mentioned, be sure NOT to reuse passwords. I use KeePass myself and like it a lot. Edit: Here's the link for info about it. https://www.troyhunt.com/the-42m-record-kayo-moe-credential-stuffing-data/
  8. Kurshie Muromachi

    Do you have advanced lighting enabled?

    Yep. People have put effort into making those extra materials and it would suck not being able to see it.
  9. Kurshie Muromachi

    Does anyone build with prims anymore

    If anything, I might prim up a platform to stand on, prototype something or quickly test something. Nothing more than that, though. It's 2018 and I'm far from interested in prim building. Personally, would like to see something like VECTARY brought in-world. Probably won't happen, though.
  10. Kurshie Muromachi

    Engraved Copperplate Print? Any tips?

    I like the effect shown in this tutorial for getting some sort of effect similar to copperplate engraving. Doesn't look like a simple one-click action type thing, though. Just take what you've done so far and apply what's in the tutorial. https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-the-classic-look-of-an-engraving-in-photoshop--psd-289 I think for this effect, you're looking for lines that flow with the surface of the subject in the scene. Your picture is relatively straight surfaces, so it's not as tricky. The land/water could possibly be a bit wavy and maybe just a tad of engraving for the atmosphere. You can mask out areas to apply effects. But, it's totally up to you. FYI - I was playing around a bit and the filters Graphic Pen or the Halftone Paper (set to Line) might get some effects you're interested in. Liquify or Distortion/Warping might be useful for giving line/engraving effects some dynamics and flow. Some additional reference shots I was looking at for examination of copperplate prints. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-W_fWVj5ygyY/UAs3uHS0MFI/AAAAAAAAAEI/VPHp97fyo5U/s1600/interm+etch1.jpg https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/images/hb/hb_49.95.870(10).jpg http://www.rareoldprints.com/p/13995/$FILE/Gregory's 1.JPG
  11. What does the Lab look for in feature requests that would more likely make them accepted? Does vote/watch count really matter or does it really come down to the content within? I feel like that specific content automatically gets swept away that they don't have resources for. For example, what would make the Lab more willing to accept something such as UX/UI improvements to help with user experience, productivity and knowledge of tools?
  12. Kurshie Muromachi

    Where Do You Demo?

    Demoing in cam sims seems generally easier. If it's bad enough to where it's just impossible to see any result with demos, I either go to a sandbox or find an empty mainland sim. Demoing at the event has the advantage of being able to purchase the item while there since it may be difficult to get back in on a free account. The last event I recall that was impossible to work with was one dedicated to shoes. I think it was set to like 100 people or something and it was molasses.
  13. Kurshie Muromachi

    Things are bleary.

    Ah thank you. Completely missed that part.
  14. Kurshie Muromachi

    Things are bleary.

    Note the tooltip shown below for the Viewer Texture Memory Buffer setting - "Reducing this may improve performance but may also make textures blurry". Have you tried raising that to 2GB from the 1GB you seem to be set at? Your GTX 1060 has a standard video memory configuration of 6GB (Edit: Missed your 3GB spec detail in pasted info sorry). Also, be aware that Windows OS itself uses video memory as well as background applications such as Google Chrome browser. You will notice this if you use GPU monitoring tool such as GPU-Z which can report video memory utilization. I personally use the Black Dragon viewer which has a built-in GPU memory meter. Also, Speedtests are generally done on some random speedtest server that may not reflect closely to the SL servers because of entirely different locations or different network routes. You will want to test against the server you're connected to or a speedtest server closest to it. Unfortunately, I don't have any up to date info on which speedtest servers to use. Maybe someone else knows.
  15. I've noticed that a lot of fashion shoppers suggest the CalWL Windlight to users. I personally don't like that Windlight. I have pale skin and it just seems to make the skin over-exposed or washed out. I think the other one is Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim. It's a little better I guess but still not quite right. They just feel unnatural to me.