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  1. There's a position open on Linden Lab's career page. Been there for a while now. Would be nice if someone filled it assuming it's still open. If someone knows someone, let them know please.
  2. Ah excellent then! Glad you added it in. Would've never guessed of the shift key for previewing presets.
  3. It let's you cursor key through them but it doesn't apply a preview of the preset till you hit the enter key. The texture picker allows you to see previews as you cursor each one. With transition time set to 0, you get to see the effect immediately. Not sure I understand you. Are you saying that dropdowns can have folder support? If so, I said I was ok with the dropdown if it supported it. I just don't recall dropdowns doing that kind of thing or at least I've never seen it done.
  4. I'm not a complete fan of the dropdown menu. When you have Windlight creators creating a multitude of presets under their name, you have a bunch of presets named "[MyName] Preset A", etc. It makes a lot more sense to me organizing these named presets into folders. I do think the new setup with EEP does feel a bit much in accessing presets as you're suggesting. It's even worse when you have to select a preset for every time you want to switch to another. I would like to see where you can quickly go through presets (such as cursor keying) much like you can with texture picker window (consider looking at the texture picker implementation). Now, if organization and quickly switching presets before accepting one could be done in a dropdown, then I think I would be ok with that. Otherwise, I'm not sure how it could be achieved. Maybe an expandable/collapsable flyout inventory panel? Also, would like to see a favorites ⭐ feature added to these presets, but that's more of a nice to have bonus option. The bulleted issues you laid out are certainly more important. Oh, and the favorites thing could implemented for regular inventory usage as well. So people could fave their favorite clothing, objects, etc.
  5. I agree with some of the comments above that a better default sky and water (maybe even a day cycle) could be considered. Explore different possible default textures even for clouds, water, etc. I manually fixed the super glowy issue by changing the RenderGlowStrength debug setting from .350 to like .220 - .250. That might be a bit hacky way about it though.
  6. I'd only make 2FA an option. I've only recently heard about something coming along that's been in the works. It's called FIDO2/WebAuthn. Looks like something worth keeping an eye on. It's not just something you use for SL but any sites and even your own OS desktop. There's also an NFC small range swipe verification method. "FIDO2 is an extension of FIDO U2F, and offers the same level of high-security based on public key cryptography. FIDO2 offers expanded authentication options including strong single factor (passwordless), strong two factor, and multi-factor authentication. With these new capabilities, the YubiKey can entirely replace weak static username/password credentials with strong hardware-backed public/private-key credentials. These credentials cannot be reused, replayed, or shared across services, and are not subject to phishing and MiTM attacks or server breaches." https://www.yubico.com/solutions/fido2/ Don't want to buy a Yubico? You can make your own with an open source option. https://github.com/solokeys/solo
  7. 1. Why not just enforce a permissions system to prevent against abuse similar to how animation calls request for permissions? The viewer can even allow the user to revoke such permissions. I certainly know that Firestorm has such a feature for revoking permissions. 2. Perhaps to LL it's just not a largely requested feature that the risk of touching servers isn't worth it. *shrugs* I mean, if you're already touching the server with other feature implementations (BoM, Animesh, EEP, etc), then why not other server features?
  8. If that also means having access to grid inventory, then yes, I would like the mode. While OpenSim does exist, it doesn't give you the access to the inventory you've already accumulated on the live grid for testing stuff. And the beta grid is really an unnecessary thing when there could be an integrated offline (or hybrid mode) mode of sorts for thoroughly testing things with other items. Like testing a new clothing item you've made with various mesh bodies before going into true online mode. No wasted upload fees through trial and error and testing while in this offline mode. Fees would be placed on the final result once pushed to live grid. Consider it a productivity enhancer. The beta grid should be left for developers/QA'ers in new feature development testing. This kind of mode could also give curious people a chance to learn things without camping someones sandbox.
  9. 1. Abuse will be a factor in many things. Sometimes the abuse isn't meant to be negative but rather uninformed or lack of feature support by LL. At times people just love to push the limits for creative expression. The problem comes when it's not prevented or reconsidered early on from blowing up into something that becomes out of control that there's a risk of breaking much existing content later on. 2. Some points to make... Prims don't allow actual vertex editing if it came down to that. In some cases, I've seen content where just a few areas/patches of a mesh needed adjustment (that I didn't create to begin with). Even the Crocotile 3D you mentioned seems to allow some form of vertex/node editing. Someone else on the forum also brought up the idea of parametric modeling capabilities which can be powerful and can do some very interesting things beyond prim torture. It gets people to create interesting mesh in-world without having to disconnect or AFK from SL. Prims add faces/verts that aren't necessary for certain designs especially very elaborate ones. If the design gets very detailed, this could add up. I did a 300-400 prim design once that I had to break up in chunks for avatar attachment and the processing of that was noticeable. Why so many pieces? It was all the little pieces I did for elaborate detailing but it was very fun doing it in-world. It doesn't have to be frustrating if it's intuitively designed. Good UI/UX, progressive disclosure and contextual design can help with that. This tool isn't so much a replacement for complex 3D apps but a way to get beginners to intermediates to have fun creating in-world. 3. I agree with you about remeshing but something to be aware of. I think there are cases where a well made remesher and even LOD processor can handle those cases just fine. The current one could be better I think. Tools like ZRemesher show the possibilities of topology remeshing and there are some auto LOD tools out there that also show possibilities. It used to be that in Photoshop you had to manually do things, but it's getting better where those manual tasks are like magic now. Now, if you're doing something like complex character/creature design, organics, or need good flow for animation/deformation purposes, then a dedicated 3D app can work best for that. Who knows what the future holds for more magic, though. As far as animesh goes, unfortunately I'm not up to speed on it and not familiar with this 100K thing you speak of. 🙁
  10. I don't see any status update that supports allowing you to share your current pose with others and I also don't see any status update on supporting the ability to pose other people. I can see saving a pose to disk or to inventory and then sharing it with someone, but something more like clicking a button to share your current pose on the spot or take over someone elses avatar on the spot (assuming privileges accepted). That's where the back-end aspect of my comment comes in because Niran asked them about this and apparently the Lab wasn't going to support it.
  11. More like change and add but to name a few... PBR rendering or even the RTX as suggested (sorry I just like cool tech) (Maybe even Metal support for Mac lovers?) Yes, mirrors. Allow it to be setting driven so that it doesn't get abused to overload a user performance. Bring back the spirit of in-world building utilizing actual mesh creation tools. Doesn't have to be advanced, but a worthy spiritual successor that feels like an intuitive 3D app. This could be setup within local cache space so it's not server-end till you publish to mesh import tool but you lose in-world collaborative creation support. For Niran's Black Dragon In-world Poser tool to allow others to see your custom pose and even modify other avatars via permissions (like animation dialog permissions that can be revoked anytime) Utilize the mesh creations tools above to allow editing of existing mesh so that I can customize clothing, furniture, etc. (ex., to fit my needs or fix mistakes made by creators who don't respond). Mod permissions required of course. A much better mesh optimization system so that people who don't like retopo'ing their creations can utilize a system that handles it the best that it can for them. Doing it by hand is still the best way to go, but not everyone wants to invest so much time into mesh workflow. Would love to see some better gaming potential within SL Would also like to see something done with LSL scripting. Oddly, I never see many posts in topics like this regarding the scripting side of things. Scripting is just as much of an important side. Maybe something like a HUD API for creating HUDs. This could tie in really well with gaming, too.
  12. I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume that real-time ray tracing support requires having a physically-based material system in place. A quote from http://www.kinematicsoup.com/news/2016/6/15/gamma-and-linear-space-what-they-are-how-they-differ So, I'm assuming SL content that created currently under a gamma-based system, will not look good in a linear system. I don't know if there's a simple conversion fix for that but if not, it would literally mean that to support RTX, that a new SL would have to be created on a separate grid and client in which people will transition to over time. EDIT (Added reference): Here's what Adam Frisby of SineSpace also said on a bit of a relevant topic. (Comment pulled from New World Notes)
  13. Even if I could code C++, OpenGL, and decipher the SL codebase and architecture, there's still an underlying issue. A lot of my ideas are back-end related and getting the Lab to do anything back-end related would probably be shot down in an instant. IMO, for anything major to be done with SL, it would require not just front-end implementation, but much back-end implementation as well.
  14. @janetosilio, @animats Here's an online 3d modeling tool I've mentioned in the past that could be useful in ways within SL. Look at some of the elaborate examples and it's pretty impressive to see what people make with it. It's not super complex like Blender but perhaps creatively attractive for general users. https://www.vectary.com
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