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  1. Experiencing the same issue but slightly different result where I click Place Your Order and the page refreshes and that's it. I even tried Safe Mode with no improvement. There's a Refresh Firefox option but I'm not gonna bother with that. I found some bug reports on the JIRA with similar sounding situations (dating back to 2015) and one backtracked down to an accepted status with no one assigned. I did try out the Developer Edition of Firefox (v73) and it seems to be fine even in the strict protection mode. So, hopefully the next Firefox release will resolve this for us. Edit: I found an alternative to the Refresh Firefox where I could backup just my about:config settings for a quick test since my concern was the advanced settings interfering with the operation of the site. With a fresh prefs file made, the site now works just fine. So, at least in my case, it's some advanced about:config privacy setting or borked profile issue.
  2. I feel like there's some what ifs and catches to this. Things like universities or even certain businesses running SL. Not certain on this, though. With the exception of the voice call feature, according to Oz. This is probably a less used feature, but still.
  3. Sounds like the SL community at times. On your topic of the AV, I think one thing is evident enough. When you look at those avatar presets and then you look at SL Flickr, clearly something is "out of touch" with this company. I would also argue that locking the clothing tug feature behind Marvelous Designer was a mistake. Don't get me wrong, MD is a great product. But, it doesn't create an open creative community by locking features behind design products you need to pay for when not everyone is doing it professionally or just every once in a while. And, yeah, the skin thing... in all their years with SL, I don't understand how that was overlooked and worst of all people started getting impatient (or thought they were cool kids) by making and even selling (shame on you) tattoo shells when we already learned our lesson with the onion skin disaster.
  4. There's a talk by Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games) from SIGGRAPH 2019 on his thoughts of a metaverse. Gets a bit technical. Essentially his idea is a W3C of metaverse and it sounds like its own internet in a way. There's some Q&A at the end as well.
  5. I see. That seems to make sense for the PBR side of things. But don't you have to account for objects close to one another that are from separate creators? If they precompute their AOs for a single given object, the AO isn't aware of close proximity objects that someone else made. In other words, AO is aware of self cavities, but not objects (from separate creators) touching one another. SSAO handles this sort of scenario but then it conflicts with the baked AOs.
  6. @OptimoMaximo Nevermind the previous post... somewhat. I'm not a content creator but I've read a "bit" about PBR here and there. I was curious to see your table layout because I thought there may have been some loss in explanation. My lack of knowledge though. I didn't see Roughness mentioned but found from another forum post that the Specular Exponent is more or less the inverse of Roughness in PBR. Now, my question is why the loss of the Normal Map's blue channel for AO? Is it really not needed? Is there data to prove that it is not needed or is it just that SL doesn't actually use it or use it well? I'm finding little info on this. Is AO really needed if proper AO post-processing was done in real-time considering the nature of SL's dynamic lighting?
  7. I would be curious to see this laid out in a table. I know where you're going with this and it's exactly what I've been pondering. There's gotta be a way to minimize the number of textures within SL by utilizing the channels and organizing them in a way so that maps that aren't detail critical could be grouped to take advantage of smaller dimensions. Is the JPEG2000 format an ideal format to really be using now that we're years ahead from since then? I believe that's what's being used for mipmapping if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Been too long to remember exact details but I think I was searching for keywords like build or create 3D online or virtual world and SL showed up in search results. It was around 2005 at the time. I also did try There.com virtual world but not sure if that was before or a little after starting SL.
  9. I noticed that if you have third-party scripts and/or frames turned on in uBlock Origin, a facebook.net domain will show up.
  10. Apparently one of them was a Senior Software Engineer. Here's the screenshot of the Glassdoor review.
  11. That's why I gave the example because I know there are people who would be against it. While someone could potentially live very close to a geolocated IP, my concern isn't really to do with location. For me, it's mainly because I want my real IP private. As you say, it's up to the user.
  12. Yes, I realize websites see IPs but I generally use VPN while browsing. If the IP address "means nothing and really reveals little of importance," are you suggesting it's perfectly fine that everyone in SL should see everyone else's IP address?
  13. So, I was trying out a new Sansar update and was greeted with some new AVs to choose from... Err umm I'm not exactly sure what to make of these presets. They seem too artificial or something. Anyways, you get into the character editing and you have direct character manipulation (only head though, not body)...
  14. Black Dragon's Poser tool is great. With the many variations of bodies and poses (that are based on certain bodies/shapes) as well as variations in sit posers and prop sizes, it's really useful in being able to tweak them to specific needs. A note... If you would like to play with certain face or hand poses from a face/hand pose HUD while you're in the middle of a Black Dragon Poser pose, you can disable the bones for the face/fingers by selecting them in the list and clicking "Disable Selected Bones". This will give back control to the HUDs for those bones. The downside is that if you reactivate the bones, they revert back to the original start pose rather than basing from the current pose (that was adjusted from face/hand pose HUDs). Maybe I'm missing something, but it would be useful to reactivate the bone pose from the current state rather than the original state.
  15. That's why I turn off auto media and don't click links. If LL or my ISP knows my IP, that's fine. I could use VPN but not on SL.
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