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  1. Still, just a small bit of data to think about even if it is a small group.
  2. In regards to some of the discussion on gamers, VR and stuff, the New Paradigm Strategy Group did survey on gamers. It surveyed over 3000 people from the US in Q4 2019. You can check out the stats at the following link. https://research.npstrategygroup.com/gaming/
  3. I was looking around and came across something that they could be utilized to do this dense mesh processing on the GPU. Something known as Mesh Shading. And, the RDNA2 on the PS5 incorporates Mesh Shading. The thing is that this tech has been around for a while. You can look here for more info. Here's a snippet... Here's a tech video of it. Update: Turns out that it may or may not be just Mesh Shading. Still unsure of this aspect. Anyways, looks like this thing refered to as virtualized geometry is actually something unique and was initially considered in 2009 in i
  4. My guess is that this is more to do with the production workflow (hence the Zbrush references) than it is to do with the target runtime. The target runtime is probably just automagic stuff within the limitation of hardware specifications. I thought the same thing. Last game I got (Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC) was quite a download. I can't imagine them distributing raw/full-rez content for target platforms. There's gotta be some optimization/crunching somewhere in the packaging. From the looks of the article I linked, they seem to be using traditional methods of delivery where needed b
  5. More information here with Q&A on specifics. Sounds awesome. https://venturebeat.com/2020/05/13/how-epic-games-is-tailoring-unreal-engine-5-to-make-next-gen-graphics-shine/view-all/
  6. To add to Wulfie's response... There's a dev entry for providing search (F3) enhancement to find where something is in the menus. They have an example screen there so you can see what it looks like. I'm not sure what the status of this is in terms of making use of the feature and which version it's in. Something doesn't sound right. The toolbar should be at the left, tool settings at the top and status/info bar at the bottom. Do you have a link to this particular doc you're referring to? This can be set when you run Blender for the first time. You choose between that, s
  7. I didn't check yesterday but the Lab has a new job up for a Systems Engineer. The jobs page was empty just some days ago so it's very recent. The posting seems to ask for things related to the AWS/cloud system.
  8. If the cloud existed back then, and LL is working with the cloud, then a team dedicated to getting the cloud in place much sooner seems like an important focus in order to get further systems in place going into the future that rely on the cloud. You guys can disagree with me but I think the cloud for SL could've been officially in place years ealier. A lot of things tend to take a long time with LL because of priorities shifting around and lack of resources/heads to get things done.
  9. Because it would've been released officially to the public sooner and what I was saying is dedicated focus, not just here and there at times.
  10. Somehow I forsee Niran flipping his lid once again when this is released. But, expecting content creators to update their stuff based on the way things look... oof. Gonna wait and see just how bad this release will be. Anyways, watched the interview and something stands out... If SL is such a complicated architecture, then why didn't the cloud transition process start YEARS earlier? In 2012, Cloud Party was already officially using the cloud architecture to spin up/down instances when they were needed. I get CP was a new product and started the cloud up-front, but with SL being so co
  11. Experiencing the same issue but slightly different result where I click Place Your Order and the page refreshes and that's it. I even tried Safe Mode with no improvement. There's a Refresh Firefox option but I'm not gonna bother with that. I found some bug reports on the JIRA with similar sounding situations (dating back to 2015) and one backtracked down to an accepted status with no one assigned. I did try out the Developer Edition of Firefox (v73) and it seems to be fine even in the strict protection mode. So, hopefully the next Firefox release will resolve this for us. Edit: I found an
  12. I feel like there's some what ifs and catches to this. Things like universities or even certain businesses running SL. Not certain on this, though. With the exception of the voice call feature, according to Oz. This is probably a less used feature, but still.
  13. There's a talk by Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Games) from SIGGRAPH 2019 on his thoughts of a metaverse. Gets a bit technical. Essentially his idea is a W3C of metaverse and it sounds like its own internet in a way. There's some Q&A at the end as well.
  14. I see. That seems to make sense for the PBR side of things. But don't you have to account for objects close to one another that are from separate creators? If they precompute their AOs for a single given object, the AO isn't aware of close proximity objects that someone else made. In other words, AO is aware of self cavities, but not objects (from separate creators) touching one another. SSAO handles this sort of scenario but then it conflicts with the baked AOs.
  15. @OptimoMaximo Nevermind the previous post... somewhat. I'm not a content creator but I've read a "bit" about PBR here and there. I was curious to see your table layout because I thought there may have been some loss in explanation. My lack of knowledge though. I didn't see Roughness mentioned but found from another forum post that the Specular Exponent is more or less the inverse of Roughness in PBR. Now, my question is why the loss of the Normal Map's blue channel for AO? Is it really not needed? Is there data to prove that it is not needed or is it just that SL doesn't actually use it or
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