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  1. Been too long to remember exact details but I think I was searching for keywords like build or create 3D online or virtual world and SL showed up in search results. It was around 2005 at the time. I also did try There.com virtual world but not sure if that was before or a little after starting SL.
  2. I noticed that if you have third-party scripts and/or frames turned on in uBlock Origin, a facebook.net domain will show up.
  3. Apparently one of them was a Senior Software Engineer. Here's the screenshot of the Glassdoor review.
  4. That's why I gave the example because I know there are people who would be against it. While someone could potentially live very close to a geolocated IP, my concern isn't really to do with location. For me, it's mainly because I want my real IP private. As you say, it's up to the user.
  5. Yes, I realize websites see IPs but I generally use VPN while browsing. If the IP address "means nothing and really reveals little of importance," are you suggesting it's perfectly fine that everyone in SL should see everyone else's IP address?
  6. So, I was trying out a new Sansar update and was greeted with some new AVs to choose from... Err umm I'm not exactly sure what to make of these presets. They seem too artificial or something. Anyways, you get into the character editing and you have direct character manipulation (only head though, not body)...
  7. Black Dragon's Poser tool is great. With the many variations of bodies and poses (that are based on certain bodies/shapes) as well as variations in sit posers and prop sizes, it's really useful in being able to tweak them to specific needs. A note... If you would like to play with certain face or hand poses from a face/hand pose HUD while you're in the middle of a Black Dragon Poser pose, you can disable the bones for the face/fingers by selecting them in the list and clicking "Disable Selected Bones". This will give back control to the HUDs for those bones. The downside is that if you reactivate the bones, they revert back to the original start pose rather than basing from the current pose (that was adjusted from face/hand pose HUDs). Maybe I'm missing something, but it would be useful to reactivate the bone pose from the current state rather than the original state.
  8. That's why I turn off auto media and don't click links. If LL or my ISP knows my IP, that's fine. I could use VPN but not on SL.
  9. No. I heard some "rumors" years ago about people using voice to exploit/leak real IP addresses. I don't know if that was true or if it's still true, but not bothering to chance it. If anyone has the official word on this, I would like to know.
  10. I derender to... To fix issues with the rendering of objects I don't have permissions to fix Remove objects or jellydolls that are affecting or in the way of the end result of my photograph. Examples of objects being weather mesh systems, mesh sun rays, or poorly positioned objects with baked cast shadows floating in midair. Otherwise, everyone is jellydolled. I think that's about it. Do note that with the Black Dragon viewer, you do have some extra client-side only control to force items (where you don't have permissions) to masked alpha or even remove baked cast shadows if you wanted. So, you don't always have to derender.
  11. Read the reports on pretty much any company and you'll see the same. Glassdoor is anonymous and bitter ex-employees often use it to lob grenades, and HR directors often use it to post false positive reviews to make their company look better than it is. I would take anything I read there with a grain of salt. It's the Yelp of job seekers. One thing I have learned over the years is that in most categories people will write about negative experiences far more than positive ones. Some review sites do a better job at encouraging folks to do positive reviews as well as negative or mediocre ones, but Glassdoor isn't really one of those sites - at least in my experience within the IT world. These days, it seems so many folks want their moment of fame. I take pretty much everything on the web with a grain of salt, especially anything that gives even the slightest appearance of being there to get noticed. But then I've always been very cynical of people and their motives. Right. It's just a lingering concern. And I don't look at just negative reviews. Some positive reviews even have concerns within them. And yea, I know about the HR thing.
  12. Yes, that's pretty much what I was suggesting. Facts can be falsified unless you investigate them thoroughly rather than take them at face value as factual. Falsified log entries and counterfeit money are examples.
  13. When I see the reports provided by former employees who have worked at Linden Lab within the last year and a half, I can't help but think that there's some sort of internal issue/struggle with the Lab. Even some of the things that employees have reported have been echoed in some form or another here on the forums. I don't think the Lab is racist, but I question their integrity to be professional and team players. I agree with Innula, though. Gotta see the facts from both sides. But hey, even facts can be manipulated or deceived to be factual.
  14. They've had a position open for a Senior Graphics Engineer for sometime now. Although, it still seems to be open for grabs. 🤔 Whether that means they will have video game industry experience is another matter since the position doesn't specifically request it. Cool bit of info - A past virtual world known as "Cloud Party" had former game designers. They managed to create a virtual world officially within the Chrome browser utilizing the AWS cloud (yeah they were using the cloud way before SL) and even add VR support (later on) back around in 2012-2013. They (the team, not so much the product) eventually got bought out by Yahoo and the world was closed.
  15. Totally agree with Penny. Would like to see some love given to night skies. An example stars sky clouds I made with a sunset with the legacy system. This is a raw shot. Not super accurate to a real sky but was for fun. You might notice some color banding in the shot. Also evident in Penny's example. It would be great if the Windlight system attempted to blend (dither) colors. Or, if there's a better way, great.
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