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  1. The sim I am working for is looking for an Event planner to get something going soon. I have no clue how or where to find one.
  2. Hello, there. I hope you are still liking sl. Yea sometimes people make a new account to mess with others and it make it bad for all the new people coming in.
  3. I like exploring. But not really an artist but I do like art.
  4. Hi everyone. I had to take a 6 month rp break from sl and just got back on. I was hoping to make some friends and have some good rp. I forgot how hard it is to find a good play to rp or group to rp with. I lean more to fantasy stuff but I am open to other types of rp and sims. I tend to do longer text rp but I also can go with the flow of what others are around me to rp. I don't just do long rp text. But that has been the normal in the past mainly to do with most of my rp friends at the time did that as well. I do not mind sexually rp but I want to story to go with it. Some kind of plot. Any
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