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  1. Looking for another shemale who would like to participate in a RP with me where we'd be in an arena in a post-apocalyptic setting while people scream for us to fight. We'd be slave fighters who have to fight eachother by hurting eachother's **bleep** and balls until someone loses both of their testicles and their **bleep**. I'm not really dead-set on any of this so we can change things if you want x3 I'm not a super super detailed RPer I'm like 3-4 sentences a post kind of person. It'd be text while we stand in some sort of arena. My avatar is a shemale mare, it's fine if you're human or furr
  2. So I bought this avatar off of the SL marketplace, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BlunderForge-Black-Appaloosa-Stallion/5273741 and it seems to work fine except the legs everything below the knee is just black instead of that frilly white, it really detracts from the avatar, I put it together properly and I think it has something to do with something called "digigrade legs"? Can someone please help me, I'm like super new to SL so try to be as lamen as possible.
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