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  1. Anyone else sick of the name GRAYSON? Refreshing away!
  2. Is there any notification on twitter when they come available. I know it sounds crazy, but this girl actually has to work and can't watch auto refresh for 24 hours. It's too bad it's being rolled out like this. There is so much frustration on everyone's part. It's a shame they don't have a lottery system that people enter and are selected with 24 hours to accept.
  3. You are the specific type of person that makes these forums just absolutely miserable places to be. Best of luck to you from the high horse you sit upon.
  4. My rant had to do with the availability of new land relative to the increase in membership price and linden acquisition fees. I have checked daily for opportunities for these new places and see none. But do not misconstrue my words about bloggers. SL would be NOTHING without them. I've dumped thousands of USDs into the Linden economy due to bloggers. I regret none of it. I'm only saddened that price increases are occurring at a time where Linden promises made seem more like dangling carrots.
  5. Oh, and I have absolutely NOTHING against bloggers. I love them. The content they show to the world keeps me here. I'm just saying, it doesn't seem opportunities for these "new" linden lands are made available equally. And I've been a premium member for a long time. But do not misunderstand, I have nothing against bloggers. I am the ultimate consumer because of the wonderful things they show me!
  6. I have looked DAILY for the opportunity and only see the same regions available that were available 8 years ago. So NO, they clearly aren't available to everyone.
  7. Honestly, to say you are increasing membership rates and all I have heard is about the bragging about these new linden homes being available (yet for some reason it seems available only to bloggers) it a total load of bull. I'd be better off shucking a couple hundred USDs into a new game if I hadn't invested so much in this one here. Yeah, I'm **itching about the free house. What a marketing ploy.
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