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  1. Hi everyone i really need help with this cause i cant figure it out alone. Here is my issue. Last friday my internet company changed my modem cause the internet connection was slow and the modem was old. I got a new modem now internet fly but i cant log in to sl again! When i try appears a sign that says there is a connection problem. Of course i re started de modem but i still cant log in. Im connected with pc at cable. I tryed notebook on wifi and got same problem. Called internet company, service people came and didnt found any problem on connection. They say is sl problem. i can connect to any website, and pc works well. I could log in 3 times for few moments today (wich is the stranger thing) when i was testing connection, but when i log off and try again i cant pass the "connecting to region" phase on Firestorm. I try sl viewer and same thing. I even try to log in in other virtuals worlds, like Metropolis metaversum, and everything works perfect. The only site i cant connect is sl. I made such a good friends around the world here whom i connect weekly and i really dont want to leave sl, but i cant figure this out and is very frustrating. Plus im not a computer expert so everything is more complicated. If you have any idea how could i solve this problem i would be very grateful. Ty for reading. Marian.
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