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  1. How do you even really check their sex? How are you defining their sex? Is it by DNA? The correct genitals? Now I am curious. 3 years ago it was skype call to verify.. now they might have taken things further and will ask for a cam show and even real life ids who knows. :matte-motes-tongue: Still no clear answer how they varify. The thing that puzzles me is that why is real so Important for a competition or similar competition that has "Virtual" title in the name. How do you guys varify? Seems organizer is so offended by this genuine question .. why?
  2. Was not being negative . like your initiative and good to have contests like these... but my point is- if linden labs wouldn’t care who is behind the av then why are you so concerned? was just curious. Was part of something similar 3 years ago (Not naming the contest) was selected in top 8 and then one of the organizers said that they will verify if we are female be having a skype call i did that. Then again at top 5 they were telling us to do skype call again but this time they will take a video and display on venue. Was not ok with that.. It was supposed to be about my avatar not my real self. don’t wanna mix both of them on sl with everyone... so i left the contest and so did one other girl. that one was just thrown at us as a surprise .. At least you guys are being open and saying this before … If you are running a Mr virtual world then that will balance things out i guess.. Good Luck
  3. Rofl "im busy playing pocket pool be considerate and wait till i repond so if ur out there contact me asap" Ok the best sollution for you to fullfil this is have a relationship with a self created alternate av.. thats the only way you will have a grl who will never say she is busy.. . a girl who has no life as soon as you leave .. no interests .. no friends .. who only exsists for you and is waiting 24X7 for you to come back and take advantage .,cough, "webcam for my viewing plesure"... lol Good luck finding someone who is just waiting online for you always lol work on building new friends and progressing relationships gradually.. you wont find HONEST girl a GOOD girl by asking who will get involved in real right from day one. Honest and good girls or even any girl will seldom do that .
  4. Something similar happened to me and it turned out to be Paypals fault. not sure what it is in your case though. try contacting Paypal
  5. dont think anyone will know this unless they release the code or atleast some part of it
  6. I have te default setting on .. didnt find any compelling need to change it
  7. Speaking for the girls.. am open minded and so are most of the girls i know.. Any Girl av should be allowed to enter.in my opinion Dont know, maybe the organizers of the thingy are not so open minded . go ahead Reign Congrejo enter and have fun
  8. yes you shouldnt have any issues wearing your old hair with the new shape.. The only time you can come across issues is when you get a mesh body with mesh head .. if its just changing a shape then no worries
  9. Should be ok for low to medium settings reading the specs .. you can also try out firestorm as it works better on lower spec Laptops in my opinion .
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