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  1. I'll Defiantly hit you up IW! I was a dancer before I have experience's
  2. Hello! This is my very first time making an animation and i did great, but when i preview it in world its going fast ;/ I want to make it go slower!!! not super fast, i want the animation to show nicely as i put it. im using the QaviMator to make my Animation's i was reading a thread and it says that or Blender, QaviMator was easier!, is there anyway to make my animation go slower? not super fast?
  3. Hello!, My Name Is Dream and i edit Videos. - Music Videos - Shows - Movies - Etc.. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVSR2iwfEqqteg0T5gL9Hxg?view_as=subscriber I've been editing music videos on this social game called "IMVU" i direct, film & Publish!. I normally Charge on IMVU Paypal only, but on secondlife i'll love to change that around and make an deal :-) ------- PRICES ------- - 1,000K : Video Music Be atleast an minutue long. - 5,000K : Longer then an Minutue Long. - 10,000K : An Look alike celebrity Music Video (the reason why i charge hig
  4. im interested contact me: Chinoz
  5. im interested, but i would be wanting more then 20L Contact me- Chinoz
  6. im interested! contact me by IM Chinoz
  7. I'm Finished putting in an application hun <3
  8. I would also love to see more about this job <3
  9. ok so like a month ago my microphone was fine on secondlife i stopped getting on it and i came back this month. i gathiered few things and now its messed up. i fixed it a bit but my voice sounds like a man! that has a deep voice I AM NOT A MAN IM A WOMAN where can i fix this at? i have a Windows 10. if you know how to fix this please reply and tell me step by step how to fix this problem. i need this microphone for my job!
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