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  1. I have a issue with crashing when using a alt avatar with my main. I didn't always have this issue and was able to use up to 2 alts at once. I get up to 70+ fps so I know it's not due to a weak pc. I am not sure if it's related to graphics issues but it shouldn't be because my PC is not weak though it could be related to the graphics driver but as I stated i've had it work fine before. Specs: CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 16 GB DDR3 RAM GPU Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB
  2. I don't like the new update I can't find my custom windlight settings anymore on Firestorm
  3. I usually just use midday but if taking photographs I always use my own custom windlight/day cycle settings.
  4. As others have said just ask the other person if they're comfortable with being posted. From what I understand you're referring to erotic style imagery which IMO you would need the other persons consent to post. I personally don't mind as long as the person isn't being disrespectful to my image. If referring to general images like group outings then I don't think it really matters tbh as long as you don't single out a specific avi and say rude things about them.
  5. I have been able to login using Firestorm viewer but marketplace store is giving errors when trying to login
  6. I'll check them out thanks and the hair above is basically what I was looking for, thanks
  7. Hi i'm looking for hairstyles ad clothing either matching the pics or very similar Shoulder length hair with bangs similar to this Unisex style similar to this Oversized sweatshirts/jackets Oversized t shirts *These are net to impossible to find in SL Super baggy pants
  8. I am searching for a middle part preferably shoulder length bob style like this one I already own the two following styles, the second one is the closests but the bobby pin throws off certain looks imo. I know the style exists in Second Life because i've seen a vendor show off a product with it before but I don't remember the vendors name to contact them and cannot find the style on the marketplace. For clothing I am looking for pants similar to the BLK 2.0 jeans, I own a few pairs of them and cannot find any other jeans like these, they were extreme
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