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  1. Aeros CAN be modified. You can apply your own textures via the hud, one texture for each part of the **bleep**. There's piercing/cumdrip/condom(if applicable) Addon Huds too - You can either get it from the mainstore for free, or it comes packaged with newer models like the Xerxes. There's also the Texture Properties Toolkit you can get for 100L at the mainstore - It gives you a hud and Model cocks, wear the one that matches your type, and you can edit its texture, bumpiness, specular, glow, etc. via the build menu, then apply those settings. And, if you buy an Aeros, and want to buy other models, you get a refund on future model purchases (Must pay full price at time of purchase, but you get the Loyalty Refund within minutes) so you can at least have more than one of the varying shapes of Aeros. Protip: The latest Xerxes seems to have a HUGE complexity cost, 2x the cost of a Magnus. Mastertip: Sensations cocks' features are just alpha'd out objects, and this results in huge completixity costs and lag because when you rez/equip a Sensation **bleep**, you wind up rendering EVERYTHING it can come with. Right click it and behold the mess of outlines. Check out SKNK for more variation of **bleep** shapes but be sure to check the info - Some come with piercings and others don't. Decent huds though.
  2. Alright, I know the majority of mesh heads can accept the lip gloss and lipsticks out on the market via omega or personal appliers... But this head that I love so much, the Catwa Linda - its lips are quite large compared to the majority and so there's always an error in application when using what's on the market, even if it's Catwa-specific appliers. I need an artist who can make me a lipgloss texture. My head already has a UUID applier so you don't need to make a standalone applier, but if you wish I have no issues with you making a full applier and selling it - I certainly wouldn't want to deprive fellow Catwa Linda users of a head-specific lipgloss. IM me inworld, I can send a picture that will be the guide for the area that needs to be filled in for it to fit properly.
  3. Alright, I've been searching all over the place for a pair of chaps. Preferably for Slink Physique and Hourglass as they are the bodies I and my wife use, respectively. Something to put a bit of that biker/wild west flair into my style. I want a pair of rigged mesh chaps that I can wear with my own underwear, or none at all. The ones on the market right now only cater to the LL avi and look terrible when attempting to use my alpha hud and shape-edit to fit it. I don't want some BS Omega-applier type. Those are all over the place and those also force one to wear panties at the same time, and they aren't even well-drawn. I don't want some skin-tight garbage I have to tuck into boots. You, dear reader, who would take up this job, let me know how much you want for this. Contact me inworld, please. I would love to see this idea even be resold on the market, I don't care for exclusive ownership: Just the ability to texture/color it as necessary. If you make variants for Maitreya (which every new product seems to cater to these days) or even Belleza, you'd have the only rigged mesh chaps out on the market, and could stand to even sell the fullperm on its own if you'd rather other users do all the scripting and texturing for them.
  4. I'm looking for a creator who can put together a clip-on necktie, considering there's a ton of shirt-collars out on the market but all the ties have neck-loops that clip through them even with resizing. It certainly doesn't help when said loops are part of the entire object and can't be hidden. Whether it's a sculpt or a mesh, as long as it looks good and can accept texture-edits. Contact me inworld, and name your price.
  5. 17 bucks for something that' s not even the entire body is insane. These prices are just part of a cycle I keep seeing with high-priced mesh parts: 1. It takes a lot of work! I better make it expensive. 2. This is expensive, I'm not wasting my money on this. 3. People aren't buying this mesh part, I'm not making content to use with it. 4. Nobody's making things to go with this head, why should I buy it? 5. I'm not making any profit at all from this head, like hell am I lowering the price, after all... 1. It takes a lot of work! I better make it expensive. And so on and so forth. Yes, people who can manipulate Blender and whatever other programs are out there should be paid their due. But despite it being their perogative to set a price, they also limit the amount of people who would be actually buying the product to troubleshoot and advertise it. Yes, they include skins and makeup but Unless it's including an actual full selection of makeup colors/types, it's more like a starter pack before you have to buy your own. In my experience, mesh body makers are not texture artists and thus put out junk in that regard. So why should I be paying for their default textures if I'm just replacing them with ones meant to match my skin anyway? It's not about my bank getting broken by spending $16.37 (Current value of 4k L$), it's about not being ripped off. Still not getting a mesh head, still hoping for developers with sense to someday overtake these brands.
  6. Mkay. I've been messing with AOs since the day I started SL. I've used prebuilt ones, and I've collected animations to use in my own. Here's an issue I keep coming across. Usually, everything will work fine, animations go through and display, and there's no issues. However, every so often, an animation just suddenly STOPS WORKING. I'm not talking "I sat on a thing, a dance hud triggered" etc. I mean, even after hitting Stop Animating Me, relogging, clearing cache, fresh install of viewer, even going so far as to buy a new copy of the animation in question... It won't turn on in the AO, and it won't even activate when I turn the animation on as its own item. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to make my seemingly broken animation files work again?
  7. Yeah, skin tones that won't match anything else you own and expression huds that are useless. Unless it's including an actual full selection of makeup colors/types, it's more like a starter pack before you have to buy your own. In my experience, mesh body makers are not texture artists and thus put out junk in that regard. As for all the other things "included", You might as well be breaking down how buying a new car includes an engine, doors, windows, and wheels. That which is put into this absurd pricetag is more like new-computer bloatware. In the end, I stand by the idea that "Price is high because of all the work put into it!" is bull**bleep**.
  8. Of course the prices are ridiculous for something like this... Because why put something out, make it affordable, and get people to constantly give you business when you can just gouge those who can afford to take the risk? Most products I've seen with these pricetags wind up 1. lacking customer support and 2. have limited market support in terms of compatible items. But, I digress. Far be it from me to teach business to those comfortable on their pedistals. Changed my mind then, it seems the technology's not there to make heads affordable like bodies can be yet.
  9. Mkay, I'm trying to get my hands on a mesh head. Already wasted 500L on an M3+ Venus Anime head and it turns out the damn thing glows and has a terrible skin-tint HUD. Seriously, when is the spectrum map of colors going to be phased out for a grown-up RGB input? There's too many products out there that still use it. FFS even Slink has a manual input. The marketplace is no help because when I search for Mesh Head it just gives me more Utilizator child-avi results, Catwa's 4k heads, and a ton of skin appliers. Are there any mesh head out there for humans that aren't a ripoff? I've got 500L left after attempting to make the anime head work on a Kitties Lair "Lena Perky" body... Even if it's more than that I'd like to know, so I have something to save up for.
  10. Under 1k? Not in this universe. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/G-Inc-Perfect-Body-V10-Fitted-Mesh-Body/6080047
  11. LibertinaValkyria wrote: Plus, none of them look like the AA body I mention. Hence why I want to get bare feet for it, as most properly priced shoes either cover the whole foot or include a foot in them. Thanks for all the body suggestions and reminder that I need to find feet that work with shoes, but, well, you know, this. I have the Lena Perky body (899L, Omega/Slink compatible) that I use alongside Sinful Needs Venus breasts (gift, 1875L) and Slink hands and feet for it (450L and 675L). for my more normal looks. That's already a total value of 3899L. Hence why I consider the price of a full avi including the extraneous parts like compatible chest, feet, hands, and so on and so forth to be around this range. I consider the "Ditch the old body for a new one" a flippant comment because it's like how Mac users respond to Windows users having issues, "Get a Mac" being the meme of a response. My issues with Kemono (because everyone wants me to just get a kemono: -- Forced shortness, no matter your slider settings you are child-height. I'm inspired by Jessica Rabbit, not Thumper. -- Purchasing means I have to start COMPLETELY from scratch, only my accessories and hair will work on them. The maps for kemono reveal that they won't accept my bank-breaking usual human skin. So, the body may be "low" priced but I need everything from scratch. Thanks for the suggestions on bodies I could choose from (and thanks for not a single Maitreya suggestion, which is the most grossly overpriced and undersupported body out there). But sadly, I only needed Unrigged Bare Feet, with no concern for shoe compatibility because see quoted statement above.
  12. I love how the instant response is "Get rid of it and just buy a new body!" Like they're not charging 3-4K (including necessary feet+hands+heads) for bodies out there. Plus, none of them look like the AA body I mention. Hence why I want to get bare feet for it, as most properly priced shoes either cover the whole foot or include a foot in them. VaIentine gave me a link anyway, so that's that. Here it is, for anyone who came here hoping for such a thing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UG-Tip-Toe-Feet-Boxed/5295994
  13. So, I have the AnthroAnim Slim Bimbolady mesh body... The only problem with it is that since its apparent clientelle is furry avi users (judging by the shop's banner designs), there's no human type feet to go with it. My Slink feet don't work, they sit too low and show a visible gap between ankle and foot no matter the size setting on the slink parts. Is there a pair of feet out there for humans that's unrigged mesh? Marketplace just keeps showing me a ton of footwear as opposed to stand-alone feet.
  14. I'm trying to add piercings (prims) to a pair of nipples I can equip (rigged mesh). However, when it's all done and put on, linked and everything, the piercings reappear in a different spot around my body dependant on the attach point, and even if I struggle against the rotation/movement of the piercings to make them line up again, they won't move with the linked nipples. Is there really no way to add onto Physics-affected rigged mesh? Plenty of people are able to put out rigged body parts with seperate pieces that move with their attachment points, surely there's a way to do it right myself?
  15. Funny how a script would boot out a 6+ft (according to Appearance-edit and avatar ruler items) avi then. Unlike the majority, I don't use kemono avatars (which in my opinion look too childlike for my approval), instead seeking the parts and measurements to be a tall woman having been inspired more by Jessica Rabbit, instead of Roger. The account-age restrictions to prevent griefer attendance seems to fit what I'm encountering, so that explains it the best.
  16. Okay, here's the deal. I've got my billing info on file, put my correct age in when I signed up, even bought L numerous times from this site. My viewer (Alchemy) is even set to allow General+Mature+Adult content. But, when I enter some zones it tells me I need to be Age Verified. Even have a script telling me I was kicked off some land due to lacking it. Google-fu lead me to a page teling me about content rules on SL. There's nothing in my account settings about this. How do I attain this exalted status? I'm at my wit's end.
  17. I do not use a rigged head, so it doesn't respond to head sliders. I tried looking up "unrigged" in the marketplace and I get nothing but rigged products for the first page and more, even with "Relevant" as the listing order.
  18. I tried looking in Truth's stuff, but nothing's labelled as either rigged or unrigged. I managed to get lucky with a new style of theirs being available in unrigged that came as a group gift, but otherwise, even in the clearance section there's a ton of rigged mesh, no clear distinction between what product's what unless I get the demos.
  19. I use a furry avatar. KZK Fox v4 head. A majority of the hair the Marketplace shows me is Rigged mesh, which means I can't resize or move it, so it clips into my head. Resizer scripts, when put in, do nothing. Anything else is buried in the results and not even labelled correctly, and clicking every single product link in a search is just ridiculous. Even typing in Unrigged into the search shows Rigged results. No way to filter them out. Are there any merchants who make Unrigged mesh hair, or any examples of good Unrigged mesh hair? Since looking up the shops themselves means having to slog through a ton of useless Rigged Mesh items, specific product links are welcome.
  20. I could kiss you, Ohjiro. Installed Alchemy and it's been working WAY better. I can enter venues and not spend 10 minutes lagging around gray avatars. While by no means able to run settings higher than Low+personal tweaks, I'm getting way better performance than I did on Firestorm with the same preferences.
  21. Alright, did a speed test via a website, the speed I assumed was 1mbps was the max download speed from torrents I wind up with. http://www.speedtest.net/result/4491022980.png Down: 16.39mbps Up: 15.86mbps Still lower than the hopes for 25, but 2 others use this connection too, though not for intensive programs like SL. I've been using Firestorm to run SL, and despite running on Low settings with all my sliders down, I still get skipping graphics. I get this laptop uses an old graphics card... That site only grades mine against modern counterparts, hence of course the score is horrendous in comparison. It just doesn't make sense how even on my low settings and strong connection, things take forever to load and animations skip constantly on my screen. Not to mention a single press of WASD or a click on click-to-move sends me flying across an area. I've been able to run Aura Kingdom and Scarlet Blade with less lag than this.
  22. Here comes another thread that the oldbies are probably tired of seeing by now. Lowest possible graphics settings (Set on Low and made individual values lower/turned off shaders), no other programs open, connected to Verizon Fios (1mbps/sec) via wifi, Here's the specs. Manufacturer/Model: Toshiba Satellite T135D Processor: AMD Turion Neo X2 Dual Core Processor L625 CPU: AMD Turion(tm) Neo X2 Dual Core Processor L625 (1596 MHz) Memory: 3839 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 3.3.11672 Compatibility Profile Context Latest drivers, latest windows updates, tried turning the laptop on and off, defrag, etc. No matter where I am, textures take forever to load, animations are choppy to the point where avatars are just bouncing around the screen. I can move around and type, access the inventory and menus,etc. easily in sandboxes, but anytime I enter a place that has 5-20+ people in it, I lag like crazy. Are there settings that actually fix this, or am I SOL?
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