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  1. Hello, I need your help. I've this script and I need to modify in order to allow it to split a 100% percentage to another avatar. The point is that this script opens a menu window that makes it possible to buy the item as a gift, for this reason I can't use a simple vendor script with the percentage split. I copy the script here. Can anyone please modify it for me? I really can't make it work. I'd like to reward the first one that will make it work, so please contact me inworld ( NymphaeaMK Resident ) or specify your name inworld and I'll be glad to offer you 50 L$
  2. Hello everyone, we are a team and we are looking for an expert scripter which should be able to script a new breedable. It is possible to modify a pre-made script by adding some features such as genetic. It is also possible to make a new script. For each option we will offer a different pay. If you wish to cooperate for a long term, we can discuss about it. Please answer here or drop a NC. Best, NymphaeaMK
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