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  1. Hi guys, I'm not looking for companionship in SL anymore as I'm pretty inactive. Thanks for the replies though, and nice to see that this thread's been revived again; I hope other introverts can find what they're looking for here!
  2. Hey I'm a super shy female from the UK, who is looking for someone to chat to/hang out with who is as introverted as I am. If you go to quiet sims, hoping to find someone to talk to but only find couples or AFKers, or if you go to find some people but do a runner whenever you come across a crowded place, then you're just like me! I generally keep myself to myself, and I do like alone time, but it would be good to know one or two more people. I have a bit of a wall up, but I am sure some will get through it I'm very laid back, gentle, warm and quiet. I enjoy talking about anything and ev
  3. Hellooo :) I'm a girl in my 20s, UK based and I've just returned to SL after a while away. I'm bored out of my mind and looking for friends!!! Preferably female and around my age. I'm really lighthearted, a bit of a geek and just looking to have fun going shopping, exploring, being a goof etc with people who enjoy doing the same really! I'm shy and out of practice with the whole chatting online thing, so if you can be patient with that or if you're shy too then that's cool. :) I've recently started an SL blog so I'm doing that some of the time. But if you just want some companionship and someo
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