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    It typically takes no longer than a couple of days for certain issues. In the mean time, be patient! Like Alwin said before me, the people at LL love their weekends, too!
  2. I work in the adult industry, so I can't avoid it obviously. But typically it can be avoided based on what sims you go to and choose to hang out in. Odds are if it's an Adult oriented sim, you'll get comments like that. Basically, watch what sim you're on, what you're wearing, and what AO you're using.
  3. I'm glad to see that there are some likeminded people here. I'm still more of a beginner/hobbyist when it comes to PS, so.. I don't use special brushes myself, because most of the time I focus on the SL filters and do touch ups with PS, with the occasional art project. I'm still practicing though, so.
  4. I think she means that specific ponytail.. In which case I'd suggest checking out #Foxy. They have a hair called Fyre and it looks very similar to that. Take luck! ~ JezzebellWest
  5. I'll be shooting a message your way, more than likely!
  6. Hey all! I've recently decided to jump in to the photography scene. I'm a beginner, so I figured I'd see what many of you talented people of the community have been using. I personally use Photoshop. With no special brushes as of yet. So what do you use? Any certain brushes or techniques? (Tell me if this needs to be moved.. Not honestly sure.)
  7. I think that the system mesh avatars will forever be a thing. That is inevitable. I still enjoy them at times, but I've since updated to my new mesh self, and I don't see me going back now. It is hard to adjust at first, and I honestly question how I got to where I am. But I love my sexy mesh. I have invested in two mesh bodies, three heads, and I have slink hands and feet just in case, haha. I feel that the system avatars will still be around, but most are updating to mesh to save their social rep, as you put it.
  8. Hello lovelies! I'm looking to expand my portfolio and improve my photography skills(which is very little.) This is where all you beautiful ladies and handsome men come in to play. I need just a few people to allow me to take a couple of pictures to include in my portfolio. Thus far, I have about five I believe. These will be free of charge and you will get a copy of the mentioned screen shot. Drop me a notecard inworld for more info or if you'd like to take up this opportunity. -JW
  9. 'Ello everyone. I'm currently searching for some new friends as I've been inactive in the SL community for the last few months. My previous friends have gone inactive as well, for the most part. Please feel free to IM me in-world if you wanna chat or anything. Heh. A few of my common traits; Friendly, A 'lil shy at first, easily amused, Usually pretty happy
  10. There are the default avatars that LL provides you, but many people like to put their own twist or spin on their avatars, to make it their own. As for finding a gorean sim that allows furrys.. Try searching for things like, "Furry Gorean RP." Or something like that. You may get the answer you're looking for.
  11. I use bloodlines as well, and finding a good RP sim using my taste has been a hastle. I wish you luck in finding what you're looking for. Do IM me if you happen to find something. ^.~
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