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  1. Hi molly, slept a lot but currently on haha. Is it mollymews in-world too?
  2. Oh for sure. It does have a lot of content! It was just an example of a game though. I've experience a lot of pay to play games, games you have to do a one time buy, and games that are free but to have a better experience you put money into. Overall I've gotten used to my games somehow costing money is what I meant. Yea I wasn't thinking like, more land. But some kind of slight bonus. Nothing extreme. Maybe 100 extra linden with the increase. Or something like (since a lot of people premium or not purchase linden out right) 10% discount or something. Nothing big like half off. But something at least noticable without having to screw basic accounts because as I said I've had that a lot too and do agree there's no way they will come out a head in the end. Just my opinion though 🙂
  3. Currently not in-world, actually getting ready to sleep! (I've slept like 8-10 hours in the last 48 hours) but I will be on tomorrow night/evening or possibly when I get up if you're available to tomorrow.
  4. I agree with the post from the gamer you mentioned. I play WoW as well so $15 a month is normal to me if I want to play and SL's premium is cheaper than that.. and optional. I've bounced back and forth between having it and not multiple times. Personally I don't care about the IM and group change really. It doesn't directly effect my game play or experience. As long as everything else is the same we're good haha. I am disappointed about the premium $ raise though and the change of no quarterly. I just reactivated mine recently as quarterly because i wanted land so I managed to head off that change it seems. But it sucks that if I removed it again I can't get quarterly next time. But the $ premium raise, is making me consider wanting to cancel it. Going to spend less on or not at all on getting linden with the $ raise because more moneys now going towards that. And then biting into the budget of other gaming, more and pick and choosing. 😞 unless there was substantial more premium bonuses added that I missed then I'm severely disappointed by the price increase.
  5. I'm 98% sure it did say it was on mainland, I made sure to check that (I always second gusss myself). So it must just be a spot that doesn't have terraforming then. Didn't know some did and didn't or why.
  6. So it was payment I did to the land on mainland. It didnt day anything about rental and it showed up with the yellow price tag on the map as Alyona suggested looking that way to view land sales. It said the parcel was able to be combined or separated, with others, also resellable but it didn't have terraforming. There was no convenant or groups or anything associated with it either and I didn't see any mailboxes or anything that said renta anywhere on the property, around the property, So From my understanding it was a land purchase, at least I really hope so haha. Otherwise that's gonna be a disappointment! i can show you the property if that'd be easier to help understand it.
  7. Thank you so much! I actually followed and used your tips to find land and I think I found something pretty good, at least for me I suppose haha. Moderate mainland 750L for 1024. Didn't notice any prim pollution that you mentioned apart from someone having multiple skyboxes somewhat closish but really noticable from within mine which i basically just wanted a nice skybox. I'll have to check out her workshop. I did notice that my land doesn't seem to allow terraforming, not that I know how to really do that and it shouldn't effect a skybox but is that good or bad, or how/why do have some terraforming and some don't?
  8. Myself and one of my friends have recently been getting back into SL again and one of my favorite things to do is shop around whether it be shopping to buy or just window shopping. So I'm looking for more and new shopping buddies/friends! Clothes, house stuff, random stuff, whatever it may be. I don't really have a particular one style I stick to either personally, so perfectly fine shopping around whatever you want too really. I just enjoy looking and sometimes hate doing it alone! Looking at all the new monthly events is a big one I like to do though. If you're also interested in finding a shopping buddy, or honestly just more friends feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me a message in-world!
  9. Thank you! Everyone's answers were so helpful I am happy to say i now have a piece of land and skybox starting to get set up!
  10. If I haven't found something by then I'll have to stop by if I'm awake! And even if I have I might anyways since I don't know much about having my own land aside from rentals haha
  11. Wow thank you so much, this is really helpful! I was trying to look the other day using the search thing and everything showing up was rentals so this will be so much easier! What do you mean by prim-pollution? Have you ever had experience with the land auctions? One question I've really had is, I've seen with land rentals that some are skybox only or land only. Is that the same with purchasing land? Or is it like if it's my land it's mine I can do/put whatever on it, ground house, skybox, etc?
  12. Looking to get land home myself actually but your place is gorgeous! Where did you get your living room furniture?!
  13. Ooh thank you! I'll have to check it out. I'd seen it mentioned before but no idea what it was. how do you know when/if they're available?
  14. Hi, so not really sure if i'm posting this in the right kind of spot or not. But I've been looking into purchasing land recently and was just curious if there was any tips or advice on how to go about doing it or answer some questions. Most recently was looking at land auctions and I did read all the FAQ and such on it but still have some confusion about how all of it works. If anyones willing to help out, has suggestions, or even advice/tips that'd be great. In the past I've only had a meadowbrook LL house and rented a plot from a place a old friend recommended so I don't really know much about it outside of that. Thank you in advance! Will check back here to see any responses or can message me in-world Kaydinlynn.
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