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  1. Almost 7,000 linders disappeared and in the history there is a single purchase of 750 (which I have not made anyway, because it was a gift) but if so, I still have the 6,000 remaining linders that do not appear in the purchase inventory. It is important to me, since I do not have the resources to buy more. thanks
  2. there is only 1 purchase, but it is not 7,000 linders that disappeared
  3. Hello, all the linders disappeared, does anyone know where I could claim it? thanks Lauri Denimore
  4. Hola, me desaparecieron los linders que tenia ahorrados, después de una serie de errores. Alguien sabe donde los podría reclamar? No creo que sea un fraude, sino a un problema del sistema Gracias a todos Lauri Denimore
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