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  1. I did hear that Hope8's been turned into a KFC double down and fed to Hal Jordan, but that might just be sandbox gossip.
  2. Hacker Bluebird wrote: Recently I had quit my job at Club Hatsune as a hostess and dance manager due to poor staff behaviors and lack of pay. Always best to start off your application by slating your previous employer and hinting you'll flounce off at the first sign of an under-stuffed tip jar. But proceed - Hacker Bluebird wrote: I haven't really gone to other clubs in quite the while. Not a big fan of SL club culture then? Or were you chained to your pole at the club you 'recently' quit? Hacker Bluebird wrote: I'd need one that tips/pays at LEAST 200L a night as the internet is my ma
  3. MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote: To Serve and Protect JUST what SL needs right now, in its death rattles - another mongoloid vigilante group!
  4. Think you'll find they're laughing very much... ((at you))
  5. Conifer Dada wrote: Whether inventory will be able to be migrated to the new world when the time comes isn't known yet. By people who ignored Altbergbot when he confirmed here it won't be.
  6. Bobbie Faulds wrote: As long as it's a vialbe economic entity, It's not.
  7. Your boyfriend is the perpetrator. He is still with his 'ex', secretly. They are working together to drive you off your land and steal your money. You are the unwitting victim and fool in this scenario.
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