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  1. So here is my situation: I have been on SL for a week. I was checking out the Damsel RLV Dungeon. I get a IM from this guy saying that if I have any questions about BDSM feel free to ask, then told me about the RLV viewer and a collar make the BDSM much more realistic. Of course I was very intrigued, so I asked more. He sent me the sight for the RLV.. I downloaded it, and switched over to that viewer. He then sent me a landmark to go get a collar. Ok so I get a collar. (or more like I was gifted a collar while there)...So I ask him, Ok how do I set this up. He TP me to his place and guides me through it step by step. And he was like "ok so this is how it works..." He sends me the whole request to be captured thing, I click yes, so he can show me how it works....In the meantime, he placed a new collar on me, told me I had to click yes again for him to control my actions, but he didn't tell me he put a new collar on me, so I thought it was with my original collar...This one has every restriction and lock you can think of...After he has pretty much showed me how it works, he says "Ok as much as I love this little conversation we are having, I will get right down to the point....This entire time I have been dwindling away at your defenses, and you are now my slave. And you will find it impossible to escape....go ahead, try to tp out"....So I try....I then try to do the /1arrunaway and that has been disabled. Someone tries to TP, I try to TP someone, they all fail. I tried actually running out the property through the door....It is locked to me...I have tried detaching the collar, changing the settings, etc....it is all locked to me...I have even tried disabling the RLV...THAT is even locked to me. I cannot turn off RLV....Other people have tried to free me and it doesn't work.... So here is my point....at the moment I am not wanting to be free, because I am quite curious as to how this will play out....BUT IF it becomes too much for me to handle and this man refuses to release me, is there a fool proof way of escaping (without having to completely deleting my whole SL account and starting completely over)?
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