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  1. Hi, my name is Evelyn Colling and i am seeking a job in the following positions: Club Hosting, Club Managing, and Emceeing for events. I have skills in posting to SL Events, greeting the people, and making notices (club hosting) and also i have skills in presenting pageant events and award ceremonies (Emceeing) Clubs or event organizers should reply to me right here on this post or you can IM myself personally. I hope i can work for you the best i can.
  2. Someone has banned myself in a second life sim wrongly and mistaking me for another person that was a griefer. What i should do now??
  3. Somone roleplaying as Trump is doing the DDOS of SL. and he's a hacker and redditor. I fear he was a permabanned member of SL. I will not put his post on this topic though. I hope Linden Lab will defeat that person. That's my thought.
  4. I really need someone that worked previously in a club or in a live music venue as a manager(with experience), in order to be the co-onwer of a new multiplex venue in SL that i planned. But you may ask, why you planned a venue in a multiplex formfactor?? Well, the answer is that i decided to make things very unique for the place, separating the place as a 3-in-one multiplex, with the Live Singers/Performers space, the DJ's space and the Talkshow space as shows the map below:  If you are the right person for that, just send an inworld notecard with your message to me (when i'm offline) or
  5. Hello, I'm Eve Courtney. If you want to really have a hostess for your club or your radio/TV talkshow, i'm available for you. I have knowledge in (ClubHosting)how to post notices, greeting the people in the club and also (Talkshow Hostess) in writing scripts and/or hosting the talkshow on air on radio with guests sometimes. Contact me and drop me a message in world if you did read this message: MLALRS7044 Resident.
  6. I'm interested in being a Talkshow and Reality show Hostess on this new network. My skills in hosting a talkshow are very great. Same thing for a Reality Show In World: MLALRS7044 Resident.
  7. Hello. We (A friend of mine and myself) are needing some investors for help with a projected Live Music Venue called "The Complex of Pure Entertainment". What the investors needs to do: Invest in a land, Live venue equipments dance balls, single dance pads, DJ equipment for the building's DJ side and the stage for the singers/performers/talkshow side of the building and the Shoutcast Radio Board (which needs to be given to me from marketplace as a Gift). Any investor interested in the project, drop me a notecard with your message or IM me when i'm online (inworld: MLALRS7044 Resid
  8. Well, it's not general business, i'm actually focusing fto find frens that used to have a club ownership business.
  9. Hello, I'm interested in your offer. Can you drag on my IM Box (MLALRS7044 Resident) a notecard so i can later fill in and get that job. Thank you. PS: I dont have experience with marketing.
  10. Hello, I'm seeking for friends that are business onwers or that has anything related to business. Leave me a message (on a notecard if i'm offline) or here down below to know a litlle bit more about me. I(MLALRS7044 Resident inworld) Thanks for reading. I'm ready to know more about you. Att: Eve Courtney Sullivan. ;-)
  11. I was oringinally going to open it with the VWBA, but i decided that the VWBA will be created in SL, later. My name is Eve Courtney Sullivan (AKA: MLALRS7044 Resident) and i'm in the need of a partner to be the co-founder and co-owner of my 24/7 news talk radio station SLRNN (The Second Life Radio News Network). It's schedule will have News and talk shows. SLRNN will also soon provide to other SL radio stations, small news bulletins. The commitment for SLRNN is to bring the best news and information to SL residents and discuss them in Talk Shows that mix news and entertainement at the same ti
  12. Hello. My name is Eve Courtney Sullivan and i'm seeking for an SL entrepreneur for the co-ownership and establishment of the Virtual Worlds Broadcasting Authority and News Talk Radio SLRNN. The VWBA will be responsible for SL Radio Stations, SL TV Stations, SL Independent Radio (franchising system) and SL Independent TV (Franchising system as well). The VWBA also will be responsible for the creation of the Second Life Stream Modulation system of organizing SL Radio Stations (streams) in the form of Frequencies (Exactly like the analogue FM in RL but with extra frequencies before 87.5). News
  13. I'm seeking for a job, pricipally in management. I need a Radio Station Manager job And a radio talkshow host job. (or only the talkshow host job if you want ). On the Radio station manager job, i will need some small advices for hiring new DJ's and/or performers on your station. If you want me for your job/or for your station, Just reply with your offer or Message me inworld.. I really thank you for reading this message. :matte-motes-big-grin:
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