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  1. A suggestion to @Grumpity Linden, @Ebbe Linden, @Kat Linden, and folks at Linden Lab. This is a small revamp i am doing in what you guys proposed. I will do a reverse calculation of the basic group limits, which should change. I will be also adding two times the amount of addition you guys want for the actual group memberships for premium users. Instead of basic user group memberships being lowered by 7, The groups created by basic users should be raised by 7. And Premium users should have the groups raised by 20 instread of 10. The problem in SL is not the amount o
  2. Well. And also i think that you guys want everyone to join Sansar for free i think. Hehehehe
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a school or a teacher that can teach how to manage places such as nightclubs, music venues, and Etc. If you are available to teach me, please reply to this post.
  4. Hi! I'm looking for work as a voice actress. I will drop you a notecard, or in case you are online, i will contact you.
  5. Well. he wanted all My RL info. Of course, i would not share that with him.
  6. Can Dakota Linden close the topic please? It's just non sense
  7. Yes, great suggestion. i will be safe. I just need to take care of myself.
  8. Thanks for letting me know that. I will contact the law enforcement agency for protecting me from that issue.
  9. Help me, somebody (NAME REMOVED), forced me to be his RL GF. And I don't want to be in an RL Relation. How can I fix that issue?
  10. Hey Asae, i like your offer, I would like to work as a club hostess, and perhaps as a manager sooner
  11. Yes, as long as April Linden and her team at Linden Lab fixes things up.
  13. Someone at Linden Labs is doing "drop database" in their SQL thing, they need to fix this problem and STOP doing the "drop database".
  14. Maybe it's related to this news article dated April the 2nd. https://medium.com/@Rathgrith027_SL/update-to-bright-yet-concerning-second-lifes-future-sl15b-improvements-4d7cf2b46187
  15. Yeah, i think it's another DDoS attack, just like in February. If you work for LL, then tell us the truth: Is it another DDoS attack or not.
  16. Oz Linden needs to help us at this moment. Without him, these log-in problems would never be solved.
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