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  1. I see, you are correct And you are totally right @Mollymews. It's very different, but this is how i compare gesture spam with griefing. I used to do that, but i stopped doing that along time ago, the only one i use now is the applause.
  2. Exactly. Plus if i were the boss in a club and i saw alot of people spamming those annoying as heck gestures all the time, non-stop plus doing ALOT OF GRIEFING by rezzing a megaprim (whose both at the same time is rare to happen), i would ask @Patch Linden or @Strawberry Linden or even @Ebbe Linden to permaban some those folks from the entire grid. Just imagine if you see a random person spamming alot of gestures and rezzing a megaprim in the club. This is very rare to happen.
  3. I agree with you. it's very ironic for me to compare two different individuals. At least i hope everything will go well with the Linden Research Lab.
  4. I hope nothing really BAD happens with this purchase yet. Remember M Linden? He was very bad to SL as a CEO. It's not the case to Ebbe, as he's a wonderful person. Plus we all, residents of SL, do not want another "M Linden" in the command of the Lab. PS. By M Linden i'm referring to Mark Kingdon, CEO of LL from 2008 to 2010. Does anyone Agree with me?
  5. Okay nevermind. I sent a report to Linden Lab right now. I hope they catch him and permaban him from the grid.
  6. Okay. Thanks for the info. I will send a detailed report.
  7. Hi. I want to complain about someone that keeps sending a message begging for money to ALL Second Life residents. The message: Can anyone at Linden Lab permanently ban that guy yet?
  8. I don't have any, and i do not want to talk about sockpuppeting yet. Also this case is CLOSED.
  9. It was just my error, and now i learned the lesson. "Never spam a group without permission from someone that moderates the group" My apologies once again. Also i will be back there, but not for spamming, i will put the link on Circus Maxximus instead as they are a spam group.
  10. Perhaps, also it wasn't colored at all, it was a regular white text. I am just scared to go ahead, i never was like a noob, like many i see in SL. Only in my early days back in 2014, but that has changed since then.
  11. Someone said to me to not post links in the SL17B chat, and I had to immediately quit myself the SL17B groups, in danger that I could get kicked from the event, and log out from SL. All because i just was streaming video. Is that happening too often to you all? Just to let me know. This never happened to me until TODAY.
  12. Correct. I'm talking about that said blue hand logo.
  13. When I go to search.secondlife.com , the old logo is still there. Can anyone at the Lab fix that issue?
  14. I see, everyone does indeed miss having SL television in their day by day routines in SL. Well i think someone mentioned that no one wants to step forward in that idea. No one stepping forward in that idea? Actually i am stepping forward in that idea. I'm testing my TV broadcast equipment now, and yes, i'm stepping forward in that idea yet. I did not had created a SL group of the media company i had created here in SL for everyone to join yet, because i'm on the equipment test phase, doing live streams in SL. Still i will announce that in the near future, as first i'm setting up a radio
  15. Hi there. I have a little bit of experience in the SL broadcasting business as a hostess. I have plans in opening a radio station too. And i'm looking forward in hosting that show too. I will send a notecard to you concerning those interests. If you want, you can send me a notecard in-game as well.
  16. Thanks for the information @Grumpity Linden. I really appreciated it.
  17. Well. I hope they can fix that ASAP. It's either, or is it a thing related to electrical energy and the Kinacade fire, or is it a DDOS attack, like back 2018.
  18. Maybe i think it's another DDOS attack like back in 2018. They need to take those attacks out, just like they did back then. Griefers breaks down a lot of things in SL, that's what i think it happened and what is happening right now.
  19. Hi Siera. I'm starting a radio station that will be competing with my friends' one. I hope you can help me to organize the business of my station. I will explain that later in an IM i will send to you. Also there will be a event to raise funds for the station too. so you can help me to organize that event with another friend of mine too.
  20. Good news everyone: Linden Lab just announced they are not reducing the number of group slots for regular/basic/non-premium members. Check this information out.
  21. It is not easy to fix it but still, and yes those are just suggestions, to see if they can improve the group system rather than lowering groups for free users. Reprogramming it should not be easy but it's important to all free/non-premium residents, for not having their group membership lowered. Raise it 7 times for the free/non-premium, and do not do the inverse (lower down by 7).
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