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  1. I do remember...something...now
  2. Thanks, I realized she meant mostly you I just didn´t want to let my contribution to the discussion be topsy-turvified like that. To clarify for anyone in doubt of my position on Progeny, in case my above post was mistakeable: 1. I don´t care at all if a progeny player secretely pretends to bite me or adds my avatar´s name to a database or calls it a shade or whatever. 2. I, personally, prefer the kind of roleplay that´s being done at the SL roleplay regions I go to, but by no means I say what they do is no roleplay. 3. To each their own. 4. Peace. ^__^
  3. No, I´m not saying that I think what they do is no roleplay, it´s just no form of roleplay I myself am interested in.
  4. Ok, thanks for telling me who to contact to learn about Progeny, I acknowledged your reply and it was nice to tell me, but it´s really just that one thing that had me wondering about, after having read in this thread. It´s no matter of death or life to know for me and surely I won´t hold my breath either way. Or out of the blue IM someone I don´t know at all. I thought it might have been possible someone reading this thread knows and replies, didn´t know this was such serious business...Sorry for asking.
  5. Nah, I never IM people, well ok, almost never ^_ ^ if nobody replies who knows or wants to tell, I might cause I´m interested (to know, not to play) but I´d have to first beat my fear it might be like opening the door on Sunday and a Jehova´s Witness standing there. ETA On the topic if Progeny or Bloodlines is more bothering, to me it´s Bloodlines most definitely, they all can pretend to bite me or steal my soul or whatever all they like for all I care, as long as they don´t steal my time with annoying pop-ups. I do roleplay, and if a vampire roleplayer wants to roleplay with me, that´
  6. What happens, when someone who, unknowingly, has been bitten, is a 'shade', their avatar name been added to that list etc., some time hears about Progeny and decides they like it and want to play too?
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