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  1. As always your posts are refreshing Miss Huntress. It is nice to see that not all in SL are jaded. I agree...spoiled does not mean money. I am extremely spoiled and it only requires buying me things sometimes, which is always at my Sir or Wife's discretion. If I want I buy. If they want they buy. We gift often. We buy and use "things" together. However, I am extremely spoiled in actions. If I am sad they make me smile, silly..they indulge me, kinky..well that too :-). I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am honored and cherished and THAT makes me spoiled. :-)
  2. I agree that it can be really hard to find scene that others will let you observe. You really have to go around asking. I just try to make friends and then ask if anyone has anything planned in the near future that they would allow me to observe as a guest. I was able to see quite a bit that way by invitation. Also check out some of the munches to meet people. Finally, certain hangouts are definitely more into public displays than others so if you find some that you like...politely ask if you can IM the dominant..ask if you would be allowed to observe and they can include you in Chat to see what goes on outside of local chat. Asking can be an act of humiliation in itself but it is the only way you will get what you are seeking. This comes from someone who recently was sent on exploration so I can relate!! I learned very quickly that SL bdsm is much different than the RL activities I am accustomed to but can be built to your liking just the same. Best of luck!!
  3. There definitely are wonderful daddy doms out there..though harder to find. However, I dont necessarily agree with the method. Maybe be more specific in what you are offering. The request for stipend was misleading and made it sound like prostitution. Rather..I'd try hanging out at places specifically for daddies and their girls...socialize, make friends, and if you are lucky you'll find someone. You can also make it known there and in your profile that you are looking. Best of luck and remember be safe!
  4. I enjoy you immensely Miss Freya lol As per OP yes, RLV it is possible however may mot be as general as "anyone" and more so with the ones you allow access.
  5. I totally second Huntress. You should have a convo (in note card preferably)with your domme about expectations and rules and limits. Every relationship varies as much as the people in them. Notecards are important for the safety and accountability of all involved. First, because if a Dom/me cannot communicate well, show interest in establishing something stable, pay attention to your needs, and respect rules and limits set by both parties I'd run like hell. Second, because it makes for easy reference later. :-) Anyways...just a few things to add to an already very good starter list: 1. How am I expected to dress in public and can I bend these if a Sim event or dress code requires it? 2. How would you like me to position myself in public..while standing, while we are sitting? 3. Will you require RLV collar and if so what aspects do you intend to monitor and control? 4. How would you like me to respond to private IMs? Are these rules different depending on the role of the person IMing me? (I.e. subs vs Dom/mes, vanilla, etc) 5. Must I ask permission before speaking In public? 6. What should I do when you are not here, and are there limits on where I am allowed to go on my own? Will you monitor my activities when I am online by myself? 7. Will you provide me a schedule or a general idea of when you are online and when you expect me to be? 8. What are our boundaries between sharing RL information, images, etc? 9. Will our relationship be public everywhere or are there places ypu prefer I act differently? This is just off the top of my head of course. Feel free to IM me if you want to chat :-) Most all just have fun! Each BDSM sim varies wildly in rules expectations and etiquette. I always check NCs at each new Sim and I ask Master how he wishes I behave in each place. He would never have me break a Sim regulation so everything else he wishes just goes.
  6. I also use rins strip skirt. Very fun and functional. :-)
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