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  1. If they'd done this three years ago it would have been called too little too late, doing it now is just pointless.
  2. Kellimay, you are trying to be cool and 'so over it!' to show off on this forum - but if you woke up and saw those two at the foot of your bed at 4am, you would poo your bedsheets and you know it :matte-motes-confused:
  3. from a SL meetup near utah i warn you this pic is terrifying - scroll down at yr discretion pic begins 
  4. Will Sansar or SL2.0 allow us to have surnames back or choose two names?
  5. What is this avatar type classed as, please? What is the correct name for this monster? Furry?
  6. Searching for SL-related topics on Youtube and found this. What do you make of it?
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