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  1. Damn! I was thinking of replying Joe /until I saw your risible sig.
  2. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die. Joe /I've been given the rank of Member. //So it's time to ditch this facade. ///NEXT!
  3. Your brain is malfunctioning. Joe /You asked, I answered.
  4. ChinRey wrote: But most of all, it had history. History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. Joe /We want to live in the present.
  5. Now I think they should tackle the real problem and make it illegal for men to marry women. Joe /Why force 50% of married couples to be unhappy?
  6. MichaelPride wrote: How do you become a secondlife 2 beta tester? Sign up for a lobotomy. Joe /Then give LL all your money.
  7. This guy's no real problem. Joe /It's the stalker you don't notice you should worry about.
  8. I am all for supremacy. I think the intelligent should take advantage of the stupid, and the strong exploit the weak, and practical eugenics will ultimately weed out those who are not fit to survive. Joe /that's modern civilisation for you. //Mind you, there will be little pockets of dullard resistance ///Like these forums.
  9. Send the boys round. Joe /the boys of summer //with their bats
  10. Evangeline Arcadia wrote: This is a general question to vendors out there - how long do you think a vendor should take to reply to purchase issues from customers . I have an issue right now and contacted a vendor some days ago (both by IM and notecard) and haven't heard a thing. In my view if I was a vendor I would want to get back to a customer quickly (and some vendors I've dealt with have done that and provided very good service). I personally just don't understand if they don't as it can affect customer loyalty and future sales. But do you think that's just impatience? What would your reasons be for not doing so? Why are you asking this here? Joe /Don't you know of the existence of a Commerce/Merchants forum?
  11. EVen the old freebie places are giving up on providing content that will be useless when if the doomed SL V2 arrives. Joe /what does that say about the viability of newer content providers trying to convince V1 users to buy pre-obsolescent stuff?
  12. Dresden wrote: I had no idea who said any of that, but I'm pretty sure they must have been speaking of the Bible when they said it. ...Dres (Am I right?...and, if so, do I get a prize?) Good guess, Dres, but it is actually one of the oeuvres of Leehere's most favourite authors. Joe /You can have a prize anyway. //What would you like? ///Or should I start a thread on what people would like to win?
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: JoeKingleigh wrote: May I point out that I didn't ask if you could find out who said it. That is a trivial Google task. Joe /I asked if you knew. //Would you all like to start again? But then shouldn't the correct question have been, "Did you know who said this?" Because now I do know. I'll take that as a no, then. Joe /I take great care with tense.
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: Are you testing our google-fu? The amusing thing being that the two top Google results for the quote are this thread. Joe /Self-referential?
  15. Kelli May wrote: A fellow of infinite jest. With whom I feel a certain rapport. Joe /As my current name might suggest.
  16. Sassy Romano wrote: Given that this is a question, should someone post the answer, shouldn't this be in "Answers" instead of General Discussion? Darn it! I just asked a question thus anyone replying to me should really force this into "Answers" too. :matte-motes-confused: It's not a question. It's a poll. Joe /I wanted to assess two things. //The ability of participants to be able to respond accurately ///And the status of their literary enlightenment.
  17. May I point out that I didn't ask if you could find out who said it. That is a trivial Google task. Joe /I asked if you knew. //Would you all like to start again?
  18. JoeKingleigh


    RowanMoonfire wrote: I'm in the UK and sometimes struggle to find where the rest of us hang out! In pubs mainly. Joe /Not losers though.
  19. "These stories are 100 percent fiction. Some of them project the names of "real" public figures onto made-up characters in made-up circumstances. Where the names of corporate, media, or political figures are used here, these names are meant only to denote figures, images, the stuff of collective dreams; they do not denote, or pretend to private information about, actual 3-D persons, living, dead, or otherwise." Joe /I'll give you a clue: he acknowledges support from The Mr and Mrs Wallace Fund for Aimless Children.
  20. x1xnoscopex1x wrote: Will do anything im x1xnoscopex1x Go on then, spell your name backwards quickly. Joe /Too slow!
  21. The stats were a bunch of lies anyway. Joe /The errors were larger than the figures.
  22. Vania Chaplin wrote: Among the few things that Ebbe was clear, is that names, friends list and L$ would be common to both platforms And of course you can trust Ebbe. Joe /Assuming he hasn't been sacked in the meantime //for failing to deliver ///like in Microsoft.
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