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  1. I too used to save the majority of my chats, but only because I only ever got around to cleaning things when I updated my viewer, and I thought some information was still relevant from my friends. It wasn't for any major reason though, and certainly I never professed it on my profile like it's a threat. Actually, perhaps these people are doing it because they think they always have to be right about things? I mean, the only logical thing I can imagine is if they tend to hang out with liars a lot, and so they can say something like "no you totally DID say that you like raisins in your oatmeal,
  2. So I've seen about the umpteenth person as I was perving profiles to have a pick about them saving chats and using them for their own purpose. How did this all start and what are people really trying to convey by saying this? It's very curious to me, because I've found that this stupid warning really makes me scared to talk to these people, not because I have anything to hide, but because it makes them seem sort of dickish. Am I missing a bigger picture, like this is a way of protesting LL saving our logs? Or perhaps are these people just trying to scare off strangers?
  3. I have had the same problem in the past, for multiple reasons. If it is a prepaid card it may have been flagged and no longer usable to purchase lindens. Too many failed transactions by a legitimate card may also lead to it being flagged and declined, but that is rare. For some reason I also had my first card's payment info replace my new card once, so I was forced to enter in all of my information again. Other than those issues I'm unsure of what causes a transaction failure, though it could just be a server problem and you might need to try again later.
  4. I've not invested in having a Linden home, but I have visited those places just to check things out, and I also am guilty of letting myself in to look at other people's stuff once in a while. If it is not your intent to bother others, but mere curiousity that drives you, I really don't think it is such a big deal. I would commonly leave the doors and windows open of whatever house I have rented, especially during this time of year. I put up Halloween decorations and signs inviting people to candy last year, and freebie presents under my Christmas tree in the yard later. That was actually reall
  5. My avatar's height is in general as tall as most female avatars I meet, which is to say the height I think most males should be if they were thinking realistically. Out of a compulsion to look the most muscular and macho I feel many other dudes slide that height bar to the max, never taking into consideration that height =/= masculinity. Overcompensation is one way to think about it (no offense to all of you tall dudes out there, but luckily in SL height is a choice, not something you're born with). Anyway, seeing as how many guys won't be willing to play around with their appearance any more
  6. I had not uploaded anything in months from Firestorm and I ran into the same problem. I downloaded the official SL viewer so I can upload my finished products to the VMM and list them. It's a bit of a pain in the butt considering how much I've grown accostumed to the viewer I use, but I do like the idea of listing, unlisting, editing and associating products from inside SL. Once all of the unnoficial viewers catch up it should be a feature we'll never know how we could have managed without it.
  7. As Alwin has pretty much alluded to, anyone serious about making frinds must first put out at least a little bit of effort to express themselves before expecting strangers to want to befriend them. Join some groups that cator to your interests, write down a paragraph about yourself or what you're looking for in SL. And if you get 10 lindens (an easy thing to do for a noob, trust me) invest it in uploading or saving a snapshot as your profile picture.
  8. Selling things on Marketplace gets me a tiny bit of dough, and I'm weighing whether or not to make a store inworld. I once hosted for a friend's club which was a lot of fun, and probably the easiest way I've found of making money in SL. Occasionally I still enjoy Virtual Fishing too, not so much for the lindens but because I get to meet some very interesting people, perv some profiles and do general people watching.
  9. I know there are quite a few adoption agencies that have littles hanging around looking for a good home. Just in case you cannot find any takers here it might be a nice idea for you and/or your husband to visit a few, or get in contact with their proprietors about any kids looking for a nice home. Good luck on your journey and family building!
  10. I don't mean to seem naive dude, I'm simply curious as to what people's personal experiences have been using those accounts. and if they've found any conflict about it.
  11. SL is a very complex and fractured place, and we need not look further than the proliferation of alt accounts many people have. I myself have a legacy account from when I first began playing SL when I was 19, and have in the past year created multiple different characters to use mainly for roleplaying or dressup. This account I am currently using was my first alt, and has become my main avatar since around its creation. I have not been without drama in my adventures online though. When I had first told a very intimately close friend that I had made an alt he was very upset that I wanted to be
  12. Just a note- your own personal review may not show up on the product until you go back to the main store window and view or search for the product again. So far as I know there is no way for a user to block reviews on a product nor delete them without relisting the item, and marketplace is just a little slow in updating reviews sometimes. And no matter what I think it is important to flag and report any item you come across as being misleading. A problem I suspect happening is that creators are more often the ones to flag items (like for inappropriate listing info) than many consumers. If m
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