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  1. well, i also said "natural" i think that explain's it pretty fine, right? i don't think that there are extreme supersized baloonlik non sacking boobs, in nature without plastic surgery buuuut, anyway.... i tried the slink mesh physique body. and i already found what i was looking for ^__^ didnt knew they are mod, and fitting the own shape and yes, i'm happy now ! Thank you all so much again <3
  2. Thank you all I'm about to try everything you recommend in this topic and see if one of it makes me happy :3 it's time for demo's i guess . ty !
  3. Hello Everyone, i'm actually wondering if someone know's if "Normal sized Mesh Breasts" exist. so far, i always only see Extreme Sized Mesh boob's, and i think they're looking good, but they're way too huge :/ i would love a more "natural" look of them as in Size. as example like... the basic avatar breast size of 50.... it would be awesome. anyone knows if such sizes exist yet ? greetings: - Lish
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