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  1. Hello! Did you find a solution for UV?
  2. Hi! I'm really-really happy that the existing SL avatar will be upgraded with enhanced skeleton. Therefore I'd like to clarify something. Will we be able to use these bones only for specified things (like arms, legs etc.) or it will be possible to use them for other purposes (i.e. for creating attachments)? You see, we create animated pets as attachments, but now we have to use scripts and lots of animation frames to create them. Script switches on animation frames one by one, you know. The script lags sometimes. So this way doesn't allow us to create complex objests (like our animals) that w
  3. Oh it's a pity Thank you for your answer! Will wait Sansar
  4. Hello! I'm sorry for the stupid question but is it possible to create mesh with own skeleton for SL? I create animated pets and I hate scripted animation (switching of the frames) because I cant create complicated and interesting animation :( Thank you!
  5. Thank you so much! You helped me a lot! :matte-motes-bashful-cute::heart:
  6. Hello! I create pets and today I thought that it will be great if there is a possibility to create custom clothes for pets. So mb someone can help me... is there posibility to create script that will link one mesh to another? (accesory to pet). I want to sell a mount and different accessories and clothes for it:( Thank you!
  7. Yes, you understood me correctly! Thank you, I'll try it! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  8. Hello! I want to create animated mount and I dont know how to make script for it:( my mesh should play one animation when avatars walks and another when stands. I have already create all frames of animations. I hide all variants of mesh excluding one by script and it animates. But I dont know how to have various animations for standing, walking and running. Can you help me, give some tips or something else? Sorry for my bad English. Thank you in advance!
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