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  1. Thanks for helping find that language Drop Down Menu I don't remember changing it but now I see how easy it might have been to do so,
  2. Thank you all. For some reason, I just saw these answers. Ive got great streams now at my house. It was just about experimenting with options and learning by mistakes.
  3. That's it! Firestorm Camera Angle RESET= Hold down SHIFT + Esc. Finally, the camera isn't 20 feet above my head either. Now I can walk into a room without always seeing between 2nd story floors and or ceilings.
  4. When I click on the Web brower information page, it states that my browser is already UP-TO-DATE , CHROME, and that its "GOOD" enough and safe for SLs qualifications to recieve payments. Why do I still have this message stating that as of June, I wont be able to buy things etc? Why do I have the message in the 1st place if all is well? I.B. Stewart
  5. How do I change the music my Linden House plays? Will everyone hear this music? If not, what can I do for this question? Thanks
  6. When I click PATHFINDING LINKSETS to see how many prims are impacting my house, I see other peoples names under OWNER as well as my name. Their items are not in my house. I can click and teleport to these items and they are in a house a few houses down, not in mine. How do I clear this list so that only my name and items show up? Example of location talking about Name-Description-Owner-Scripted-Im[pact-Distance-Linksets Use3 My name and another persons name is hsowing up in my house like their items are in my house still...hummm. Bradyi66
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