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  1. i am interested in a asap job
  2. Hi my name in second life is ClairetheBarbarian and i am looking for an immedite job at plush as an escort but cant talk in rl because of my voice im me asap
  3. hi i read your post and would love to get a job i on everyday for 8-12 hrs unless it changes
  4. Hi i read your blog post and i would love to get a job i will be on second life for at least 8-12 hrs a day so please contact me
  5. hi i read and i might not have family yet but i would love to get paid for being a teacher police officer or doctor
  6. Hi my name is ClairetheBarbarian and i read your blog post and I am interested in joining. But I have questions do you pay what are your boundaries and what goes on? contact me as soon as possible and i really want a place to call home please contact me today on second life im. thanks
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