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  1. I'm new to this Hud but enjoy using it.....call me if you want to enjoy the benefits. I like to be called and am usually on duty.
  2. I look for adoption by gay dad who does not mind that I have been a bad boy in SL. I look for an older man who has either grey or receding hair. I do not want masters or a Lord or a King. I just am wanting an adopted dad. You just needs to be honest with me. I am in Europe time. My English is not always good but it get better in SL as I learn Reply to me in world please.
  3. I happily live and work at Bordello Avenue and I also want a dad. This is a longer term thing and not a quick meeting and a shy goodbye. I need a dad who is older, larger and with a sense of humour. Drop me a line inworld and see what develops. Don't be put off by the name....I'm a sub not a dom.
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