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  1. Root prim set to prim - linked object set to none - you can drive a passenger train through it and it will detect it
  2. No, as you noticed a phantom object will not detect collision etc, so only by using for example llSensorRepeat() Set the radius equal to the box in question and keep the timer with a high value like whole seconds, the SIM impact will be low. Just remember sensors use resources and have an impact on SIM performance. An elegant solution would be to link two objects, where the prim object is default prim say 1 x 1 x 0.001 meters and invisible, link the second object say 1 x 1 x 2.5 meters and set physic shape to none in the child object. Just use collision_start in the root prim and h
  3. You buy a parcel on mainland and if it is not larger than 1024m² and you are premium member there is no tier, that is no further cost. I had 512 m² Linden Home, and I left it after finding a beautiful 1024m² roadside parcel in Northwestern Sansara with well build surroundings and no mad structures for 2,650.00 L$, which is cheap for a nice mainland parcel. Prices varies from ridiculous 100,000 L$ for 512m² down to, what I paid, some even cheaper. Parcels at waterfront and roadside are normally more expensive. Best way to find a parcel IMHO is to fly along roads, waterways and examin
  4. Yes one of the best drive sims in SL- and cars and trucks allowed.
  5. 12 seconds download of FS viewer while watching funny cats on YouTube and looking at forums here. What could cause slow downloads? Problems with internet connection, your IP. Router - if cabled to router, bad cable. If wireless some interruptions on the wireless signal, overlapping WIFI channels. Faulty virus scanner High disk activity ( >80%) on a Windows system will causes slow download - can be watched with Task Manager in Windows. Hardware issues - from IRQ bad sharing to real faults in hardware. Huge Windows update interfering... Any combina
  6. This truly brings back the joy of continent riding, exploring and being on the roads for hours. Be it relaxed cruising at 25-35 mph along coastal lines, fast drives on long country roads going 55-75 mph or speeding down town center with 100-140 mph . Animats excellent solution and programming has lifted vehicle driving to a new level. Updates & Fixes ASAP Now we need updates and fixes implemented: Viewer updates - in near future will further improve the vehicle experience on SIM crossings for any kind of vehicle LL server updates - hopeful within months wil
  7. The original OP made me think for, where do we report a problem with sims when driving on public Linden roads? For example entering region Akea, continent Sansara brings a vehicle to nearly stop and extreme slow script handling. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Akea/181/249/33
  8. Also the tunnels under water connecting land are dry, so same technique could be applied to any structure under water.
  9. I was trying to be funny, make a joke - no intention meant against any voters or any person.
  10. San Francisco, 1st of April 2018 Breaking news A whole new continent has been discovered south-west of the existing grid, the new continent consisting of more than 200 regions with waterways, mountains, road like structures and what seems to be a city in the far. Even Linden Lab is caught by surprise, but according to data analyzer April Liinden, it seems likely that the AI core of the cloud service provider is responsible for the creation of the new clusters forming the new continent. An analysis of the log files on the cloud servers and log files from the AI core is expected to
  11. Ohh, learned something new today - very handy.
  12. A MagicBox from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_Integer Added a check for minus sign, you could also add +. integer IsInteger(string var) { integer i; for (i=0;i<llStringLength(var);++i) { if(!~llListFindList(["-", "1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","0"],[llGetSubString(var,i,i)])) { return FALSE; } } return TRUE; } string strTest="-23812"; // string strTest= "OMG what is this?""; if (IsInteger("-23482")) llOwnerSay( "Was numeric: " + strTest); else llOwnerSay( "Not numer
  13. The secret is to use llDeleteSubList, where we slice out from the original. Example: list listOriginal = [1, "Ms. Smith"]; // example with more elements // list listOriginal = [1, "Ms. Smith", 2, "Mr. Smith", 3, "Doc. Jones", 4, "Nurse Jones"]; default { state_entry() { } touch_start(integer total_number) { //stride of 2 list listResult = llList2ListStrided(llDeleteSubList(listOriginal, 0, 0), 0, -1, 2); // Dump content integer i; integer length = llGetListLength(listResult)
  14. First the if ( x == y ) should work - do you have other if statements above? It could be a side-effect to previous if statements not handled correct. And how do you check, if it works if there is nothing within the if the statement? if ( x == y){} This make no sense as it does as it should - nothing!
  15. Sounds like some logic error in the handling of the dialog responses in your listen part of your script. Without seeing the source code of your handling, it is very hard to pinpoint.
  16. On channel 1111111111111111111111111111111 Enter: SSBMT1ZFIFNFQ09ORCBMSUZF
  17. I bought the full perm dining set to my home from Prestige Furniture, excellent quality with correct physics, the store also have different bistro sets and single chairs. For example: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bistro-iron-set-002-table-chair/7614500
  18. One way to do it is to send the information packed in an string in your message to the listener object and handle the string accordingly to the information you want.
  19. SIM crossings aka SIM XING A border between regions clever designed to let your feet end in one SIM, your clothing in another and if you are lucky your head at home. If you are really lucky and hit the perfect intersection between four regions, you are in for a real SL unique only experience – enforced if you are driving, sailing or flying – and will be placed in SL Limbo observing your vehicle continue into the adventures of Lost & Found. If you are more than lucky, you are teleported automatically without limbs and partially clothed to Noob Island materializing among naked
  20. I experience the same, no list of members is shown as normal shown in my groups. It is not you, but I would say the LL/SL servers. Here Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) Jan 9 2018 20:02:54 (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support.
  21. Got inspired for a ride out - a bumpy ride but fun. Now the roads at Zindra are old prim roads and hence very slippery, so be sure to set resistance high on your vehicle, if you want to drive there. On the "dirt track" perfect grip. Southern Bypass, Leening
  22. Read - study - learn! Look at the basic example https://secondview.wordpress.com/2007/12/05/scripting-snippets-7-creating-a-hud/ Limit your HUD to start/stop engine of the vehicle, later when you get better knowledge and understanding extend functionality. And your sound on/off script could easy be changed to do as above - back to learn - study - read, including source code in LSL.
  23. Your work in progress is very interesting and hopeful the improvements will be incorporated in future versions of viewers. It would though be nice, if you provided better information on vehicle. Stating gear number is of little use. Specify speed in MPH or KM/H much better. Further, there are several different vehicle scripts - information on type, for example KCP version 6.x, ACS v7.x etc, very useful information. And rather important LI/prims of vehicle in use. Gravity and density values also very useful.
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