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  1. Okay, I gave deeding the land a go and it worked under following those steps and it worked. Thank you for the quick reply. It's greatly appreciated.
  2. So, I'm in sort of a pickle and trying to figure out how to join a parcel I just purchased to my existing land. Whenever I purchased the land, I bought it for 1L$ under my name when I meant to buy for group. How do I go about buying it for my group so I can join the two parcels without selling it or abandoning that land? I've bought and sold land before but never really got into the detailed aspect of combining parcels before. I'm a little slow so maybe a decent explanation or step-by-step walk-through would help greatly. Thanks for your time.
  3. I was wondering if there was a way to get mouselook to follow head movements while wearing a third party AO. Not sure if it's even possible but I figured I would ask anyways to get a definitave answer. Only reason I ask is because I'm in 1st person quite often and enjoy seeing the way my body, arms and legs move around while in motion but when I'm standing still I get to watch my avatar move in all sorts of directions while in mouse look like I was in 3rd person mode. I use Firestorm as a primary viewer so any answer would be greatful and thank you in advance.
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