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  1. Yes, I got on with Live Chat support this morning, and told them what was going on. They moved it to a different server channel during that restart this morning as a fix for whatever was wrong with it, and that fixed the issues. But I have no idea what channel it was on before or is on now, the new numbering convention is confusing to me.
  2. Gormthoog region has the same problem still, after being restarted it still doesn't allow saving of scripts. It hasn't allowed it since an out-of-schedule region restart on Monday, when normal restart day is Wednesday. Despite the claim on the status page, the issue is NOT resolved.
  3. This isn't resolved at all. It's so bad in some areas of the Blake Sea that after crashing fairly badly, trying to log in gave me the error "agent is no longer in the region." And after another sim crossing via vehicle ended in failure, I couldn't TP home till I figured to WALK to the next region (under water) and then could TP home.
  4. The new body is being sold for L$1950 for "a limited time." The non-Bento heads are still selling for L$500, though.
  5. Well, no mention of it on their FB page, on the website that hasn't updated in years, or the new website that's just about empty...but as of today if you go in-world the TMP Bento body update is finally out. Not sure what took so long, since the only visible change is the Bento hands (nor is there any kind of release notes included). No sign of the "personal applier kit" or updated alpha HUD they were talking about either (though there is mention in one of the included notecards that they're going to be doing the improved alpha HUD thing and we'll get that as a free update). But it's finally out, and a free update/redelivery if you have the Deluxe body already.
  6. Not sure if you heard, Sooby, but they posted a fix on the bug here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-9735? as the last comment. My problem cleared up when we tried it today.
  7. I'm having exactly this same issue. I became an employee at a club and was assigned the Officer role, but can't send out group notices or invite to the group. I also own a group where one and only one member assigned to the officer role isn't showing up as such. I tried leaving/rejoining, tried refreshing the group information, cleared the group cache, cleared my viewer cache, tried logging off, then relogging into a different sim, then going back to the original sim...nothing seems to be working.
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