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  1. ok - Solved^^ I moved the Origin as well - so the difference between Origin and COC was always 0^^ I edited the keyframes of the Origin - moved it back to ground level and now all is working fine. SOLVED
  2. Hello all, i have the same issue - i made a small kneeling Animation - but its allways in middair and not like in Blender on the ground. I made a 2 frame animation used "i" - "LocRot" on any of my keyframes - export it as .bvh and if i import it in SL - animation is playing but in mid air and not on the ground. the cog bone has a z value of -0.755. I dont have a clue how i can solve this issue... Thanks for help.
  3. Hello all, i have a question regarding the inworld offsets and to change them. I am using Firestorm. Since the new release there is a slider to change the Z-Offset - so hoover over the Ground can be easily fixed now. I am using a "realistic" sized tall Avatar - so i often have the problem that the animations on poseballs are not fitted for my size. Most of the Furnitures do not allow the user to adjust the poseball to fit the Avatar only the owner. So my Question - is there a tool, Slider or whatever to adjust the Position of the Avatar if i am Sitting on a posball without using the poseball menu of the furniture? Z-Slider is implemented in Firestorm - but what about the X and Y Achsis? Thanks for help.
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