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  1. Thought so.😕 Thanks Kyrah.
  2. Just curious and I think I already know the answer is no, but if you can have your avatar's head follow your mouse, is it technically possible to have the rest of your avi respond to other controllers, a glove for instance?
  3. Six years later, I have something to add to the advice given here for anyone else who comes to this thread looking for an answer. If the offending bling item is a linkset (i.e. it's made of more than one piece), the script might not be visible just by editing and looking at the contents. But if the item is modifiable you can check the "edit linked" button in EDIT, select the "contents" tab and then click the little arrows under the edit linked button (in Firestorm) or ctrl-, / ctrl-. in any viewer to cycle through the individual parts until the offending script appears in the contents. Delete the script and then drop in Rolig's particle scrubber (scroll up to Rolig's post).
  4. Thanks for the correction, LittleMe
  5. If you can't find a mesh head that can get anywhere close to your classic face, you can save your classic shape (if it's mod) .xml and use Avastar with Blender to create an exact version of your classic head in mesh. You can then smooth it out in Blender to get rid of any angular bits. There's more to it than that, you'll need to weight-paint the neck or it'll move with your head, but that's what I did. I couldn't find a mesh head that didn't have fish lips, so I made my own. It's a work in progress but it's mostly done. To save the .xml (in Firestorm, the SL viewer might be different), go to developer / Character Tests / Appearance to .xml. You'll need Avastar to open the .xml in Blender.
  6. Has anyone else been experiencing massive ping times of 200,000ms or more at login? Just lately I've been logging in to see an orange cloud for 10 minutes or more, then suddenly the ping settles down and everything's fine. The inventory isn't fetched until the ping settles and there's no incoming chat or info on which friends are logged in. Also, I'm seeing this in my chat "[13:15] SL Grid Status error: Invalid message format. Try again later." instead of a status update. Some sims stabilize faster than others, but I've had this problem for about a week now when logging in at home and in a few other places. Why should there be effectively no ping reply at all for 10 minutes? It only happens when I log in. After that, all's fine. I don't think the problem is at my end. I don't know if the following is helpful, maybe I don't even know what I'm talking about, but I've run manual ping and tracert to my home sim where I log in and all the hops on my (UK) side of the Atlantic are fairly swift. Then there's a timeout on the hop across the Atlantic and I connect to LINDEN-RESE.bar1.Phoenix1.etc after about 150ms. The next two hops return timeouts before I finally arrive at my sim after a further 160ms. But the command line ping isn't anything like the ping I'm seeing on my viewer statistics bar.
  7. Oh well, it was a nice idea while it lasted. It's too bad, it would add a whole new dimension to SL if all those empty locations between mainlands and islands could be traversed, even if they ceased to exist after the crossing. Thanks for the feedback everyone
  8. That's my point Bobbie, to have a limited number of sims ready to drop into any of those hold spots, as you call them, on the ocean part of the map when it's approached by an avatar who subscribes to the feature. It wouldn't require thousands of new sims to be created, just a few dozen that can be relocated quickly: that is, turned off in one location and reloaded with a new grid location. In effect, you'd simply be traveling across the sim you just left behind you, over and over. I don't see that it would require more server space than those few dozen extra water sims
  9. Having dabbled with setting up a sim on the hypergrid, I think it would involve setting up empty locations all over the world map and then loading a standardized (seamless with its neighbors wherever it's placed) terrain, fish, plants as a participating avatar approaches the location. Since someone with estate rights can restart a sim from within the viewer, it would involve adding code to allow the sim starts and stops to be triggered automatically by proximity, and any available sim engine would then be given a new grid location from a list of empty locations. It would just be a matter of It wouldn't be much of a cost in processing power - just 50 ocean sims' worth - but it'll create tens of thousands of location files. But then, I never did get my hypergrid sim working properly, so I could be way off. If it's a question of money, maybe there could be a special group with a weekly / monthly subscription fee to cover the running costs. Thanks for your comment, Christin, all comments on this are welcome
  10. Not sure which category this should be posted under because it touches on several, so I'll put it in general. Sailing in SL is a lot of fun, but you never get very far from land even in the Blakes Sea. What would be really cool is if a number of ocean sims could be reserved specifically for boating, where the sims are only switched on when an avatar comes within 256 or 512m of it, and turned off again when the avatar goes out of range. That way, the whole SL ocean could be navigable, and every island could be reached by sea or air. Is it realistic or even possible, I wonder? The number of sims needed to support it effectively would depend on the peak number of online avatars being within one sim distance of the sea, or perhaps it could be controlled / supported with an a usage fee that gives a paying user an automatic sim start / stop trigger in much the same way as a rezzer can be triggered by avatar proximity. I don't have a premium account, but I for one would be willing to commit a little money to supporting something like that if it could be done. For the sake of maybe 50 water sims, SL could become a whole planet.
  11. On every forum page asking about sculpts and sculpt map plugins I see everyone saying "use mesh", but there are times when mesh won't do. Mesh is good for small, high detail objects such as furniture but if you scale them up, the land impact rises too. I need to produce a sculpt map for a large false terrain plane. I've tried sculptypaint, it won't run on my PC at all. I installed Wings3d and the Sl wiki links to the SL plugin are dead. Now I'm looking for the sculpt map plugin for Blender, and everyone says "go mesh". I need a sculpt map, not mesh. It's really frustrating.
  12. Hi. I've just installed Wings3d which needs a plugin to export .bmp sculpt maps. If I go to the Wings3D page from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_3d_Software_Guide, the links to the necessary plugin are 403 forbidden, but I found another SL wiki page that does contain a working link as an afterthought on this page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Wings_3D_Exporter. The zip file contains two files: wpc_sculpty.beam and wpc_sculpty.erl. The .beam file installed in Wings3d okay and creates a Second Life .bmp option in the save menu, but I don't know what to do with the .erl file. Every attempt to save a .bmp sculpt map returns an error: "Unsupported mesh size". Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. If it's unscheduled, Pettycoat, there's no telling how long it might be. Unscheduled suggests an unexpected problem. Maybe a cat chewed through a wire, mayber Linden Labs is on fire, who knows?
  14. Don't let it put you off. And by all means seek me out inworld if you're at a loss for something to do, there's a lot of live entertainment going on at this time of day.
  15. Since about 3.45PM SLT, attempts to login now return a notice that all logins are currently disabled during maintenance.
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