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  1. The majority of shoppers paying all the lindens for all the creators products are not premium
  2. well that is something I suppose, but having to ditch 7 high fee groups ... 8 if u keep the obvious empty slot When does this all go into effect btw has anyone any idea please date wise?
  3. basic is basic? i know plenty of non premium accounts that spend a fortune on rent and products, wth does that count for? nothing clearly
  4. and the cost of buying lindens is more than doubling from $1:49 added on to $3.00 it is crazy and that is even on if you only get 5 dollars worth....rent, products everything will be raised again after only just having a high hike and this infuriates me as a non premium member I used to spend 40k Lindens a month NOT on premium....no more
  5. premium are getting 20 more groups 60 to 80 and we are getting 7 less down to 35, bang goes 7 of my high cost paid groups thank you SL....this will NOT bring in more premium members if that is their angle it will push people away
  6. screwing loyal non premium members too who pay a ton on rent and products this is really nasty because they failed at sansar and the VR fad >.< npbody wanted it now we are paying through the nose for their mistakes, so much for SL being mostly self governing
  7. getting lots of issues right now with log ins, the last 12 hours my avatar won't appear, my inventory only loads 40k of 260k inventory and other people are having log in and general issues making it impossible to log in and other problems, I have run a speedtest after a hard reset on my router and even reinstalled FS but same thing is happening, load to 40k with an invisible avatar, I even called my service provider to see if there were any issues after a good speed test result and no issues there...so what is going on? Also I'm running on a comp more than capable to cope with a larger in
  8. I am trying to find an item I bought quite a while ago in my order history from marketplace purchases to request a redelivery of the item but I have approx 500 order pages and no idea which one its on, is there a way to search it with a keyword or do i have to look through every page for the item to get a screenie to send the creator for my redelivery?
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