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  1. I have an object and if I place it on the floor and touch it, my script works perfectly, opens a dialog with several options, as expected However, if i attach the object to my Avatar, it does not respond when touched, do i need a different touch command or am i missing a simple thing? thanks a lot Joanie
  2. thank you both, cache cleared, re logged and all is good again. Much appreciated She is back
  3. Hi, am on iMac, and think graphic driver is up to date, will check, where is empty cache?
  4. This is totally new issue for me, an avatar has a pixelated face, but only to me, and i am on latest firestorm, and ultra quality (changing this has no effect) (pic attached) Any suggestions please?
  5. Hi, I have what i though would be simple, a chair, you sit on it and you get a dialog menu, with choices to eat, chat, slide chair in or out. However, once you have chosen an option after sitting, the dialog menu disappears and you can not get it back, i tried adding it to the Touch_start bu this has no effect. Can somebody help me out, my script is a bit 'rough' but it almost works. The goal is a seat you can sit on and then use dialog box to change animations, slide chair in and out, and then when you stand to lose dialog box. My script key gSitterId; integer gD
  6. All working , thank you everyone
  7. Hi Innula, it works! i didn't have all permissions on the broom... duh! thank you so much SQ
  8. Hi thanks thats really helpful, however, i think it's a bit beyond my capability right now, so will come back to it, when it makes more sense. thank you though the help is very much appreciated SQ I removed all the code from my floor prim and just lef thtis string displayName; integer iBroomChannel = -12169814;//change this for a long random intger of your choice string strCommand = "cleaning"; default { state_entry() { } collision_start(integer count) { key avatar = llDetectedKey(0); displayName = llGetDispla
  9. Hi All, I am sure you are all very experienced, and mean to help, but some of us are not experienced at all, and are just finding our way. So please bare with us. This is the scenario. I have an AVATAR and they Have a BROOM attached to them, the BROOM has no scripts, no animations, no nothing. When the AVATAR collides with another PRIM on the floor, it has a script in it and also an animation, and this collision asks permission to animate the AVATAR, then the AVATAR animates and the script continues.... Are you saying the animation should be in the BROOM, and if so how please, this i
  10. Thanks Wulfie, i have looked around and can not see how i would do that, can you tell me how do i do that please?
  11. Hi, I have created 20+ chores within a household, and the person doing them has to have a certain item attached, and then they collide with a prim, and the chore starts, it has an animation as part of it, ie sweeping, or polishing etc. Can i make it so it does not ask every time for their permission to animate avatar, as its always the same people and when you clean a whole house being asked 20+ times can get annoying? Thank you
  12. ok thanks, I have managed to do it, using Lists
  13. Hi, Hi, I am trying to convert some code I have, so that I can use it in SL for a game I am making (still), but the code I use has an array Value( ) which I set value(nRemaining) = i + 1; But I can't seem to use an array in SL, how would I do this, as I need a value for value(1), value(2), value(3) etc etc so I can use later in script while (binary > 0) { if (binary % 2 == 1) { sum += value(whichTile); } binary /= 2; whichTile++; } validMove = (sum == diceTotal);
  14. Hi The spinning drum failed and it has been officially binned... so back to a 'simple' dice throw I have written the code for a dice... I am making the dice non physical, raising it 3 metres and then dropping it, (as you cant seem to throw a physical prim UP) when it finally stops I want to see what is face up, it tells me three times currently, I have tried using its relative height and all sorts, but if anyone has a dice rolling script or anything then I am happy to use that, as this has finally beaten me. All mi want to do is write the rest of the game...... yours, defea
  15. The code from Xijja did work, but wanted to look at the physical process too, as a different option thx
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