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  1. Hi All, I appear to have gotten too fancy and have run into trouble, I hope someone out here knows what I am talking about - here goes. I am using Maya & Mudbox (2015). I have created a cave that is approximately 12x15x6m with one single 1024 texture it was horribly stretchy and my attempts to make the top of the cave multiple pieces was equally unsatisfactory. So, I figured out how to make six UV tiles UV Faces u1v1-u3v2 for the top of my cave. Everything is working wonderfully with the layered texture and six texture tiles, UNTIL I try to upload it to SL. On upload the six faces become a single face in sl, so using the various tiles simply doesnt work. I tried saving it as dae directly from Maya, and also saving as fbx and using the autodesk converter to turn it into dae, neither seems to work. The only thing that DOES work is if I go in and reassign each texture face to a NEW lambert before I upload. Unfortunately the texture faces are not all one piece and by trying to select them to reset them i keep moving the uvs and then i have horrible seams. Is there some TRICK to getting a layered multitile mesh into SL without having to do all this hoop jumping?
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