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  1. Drop by the club and grab an application!
  2. Hi there, currently I'm looking for a mesh builder to build a simple logo. Please send me a notecard/IM to Seger mode and we shall discuss this there.
  3. Thanks for reviewing this thread. Hardsound Club is looking for a Promoter to advertise/promote the club. Hardsound is a club that spins Hardstyle or any Hard genre related, if you have the experience for marketing/promoting/advertising, we're more than happy to hear from you guys. Please contact Seger Mode in world and we shall discuss.
  4. Hi there. Have you ever spinned Hardstyle genre? If you do, I would love to have you dj at my place. The problem is, not much visitor. You can come down and take a look around ^^ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malvolio/221/95/22
  5. How about Hardstyle genre? this genre doesn't really suit what you've stated.
  6. That's what you think. As long as I know what are my intention are, that's fine. I've visited your profile and such, it seem you have lots of problem with almost everyone thread. If I were to to advertise my club a lot, I would've posted in other several thread. Also, obviously it's unpopular club What do you expect when a club just opened? Magically people attend your club, no. Even if its over a month or year, and it's still unpopular, that's okay. My intention and expectation isn't getting this club famous, I just want to create a club I'm looking for in second life for years. That is Defqon.1 themed. The suggestion are for the improvement I can make for the club, if you want to think otherwise, that's fine
  7. Guess we're the zombies then. All of us have our own likings *-^
  8. It's not about me earning or losing money. If I want to do it, I do it. If I find it fun, then why not? Even if the club are empty, that's fine.
  9. I've met some tho, but they don't come on anymore T.T.
  10. Sure, they do listen to it. But not familiar about Hardstyle, I've met people who listen to hardstyle to it, but not dedicated to it Ya know, if I can find those people who are crazy about Hardstyle, it's gonna be awesome.
  11. Just letting you know, Singaporean here.
  12. You peepooo, we shall exchange fart sound and shall be farts brother.
  13. If you would like to try and be a DJ in Second life club, contact me in Secondlife, Seger Mode. *=^
  14. So I'm wondering, if there's other more Hardstyle listener here in Second life. Well, like a huge fan to it, that would be nice. It would be nice to meet such people ^^
  15. So sorry for the late reply, it's a place. Use the search engine and you will be able to find it, or just IM in Second Life and I might bring you around if my laziness died out
  16. Hi there, Hardsound Club are looking for suggestion on our place. What can it be improved, what are we missing to suit your desire type? We accept feedback from our club. Please take note that it's a newly opened Club, flaws are bound to happen. So we need you guys to let us know what is, please send an IM to Seger Mode and I'll personally send you the LM for the place or you could just go to my pick and search for The Harder Sound tab and click on teleport. You may reply the feedback/suggestion here or dropping me a notecard, anything suit you. Thank you ^^
  17. Yos, there's many places for anime likes. Like Anime Addict or Annie May.
  18. Have you found any place to hang out? ^^
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