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  1. Heys, I'll be happy to help you as much as I can since I'm still new here too. I'm sure we can both learn off each other and help each other also.
  2. Thank's Freestar I'll try it and see how I go much appreciated. Hope you have a good day/night
  3. Probably either America (undecided as to which state) or Ireland
  4. Hey all, Honestly? I think that's a double edged sword, some people from the older generation will have the same sense of humor and get it as like some people between 18 - 29 year old wont. It just all boils down to the person and their personality i's all. Hope you're enjoying second life so far
  5. Hey there, Just looking for Aussie's who're here on SL who'll like to become friends (& only friends). Still learning and new on here. There's no real age bracket as long as you're older than 20. I'm a fairly laid back chick so if you want to be pals then just message me anytime.:matte-motes-big-grin: Cheers.
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