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  1. Investigating - Some Second Life services are currently experiencing an outage. During this time, some Second Life services may be unavailable including, but not limited to: logging in, building, chatting, web services and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world, in addition to transacting in-world, on the Marketplace, or on the Lindex during this time.Please monitor this blog for additional updates they know about it at least and i thought it was just me lol
  2. Ok, I can get a little confused by this as the way we have our Adult rated sim is that we have all sexual content hidden behind closed doors in a dungeon under a building that you have to go looking for and hidden behind doors in caves, and the open public area is all pg/moderate as it is a park, leisure hang out area and want to see if we can get it on the destination guide as this is where i get confused. We don't advertise its sexual nature or use the sexual terms in the search terms as we want people to come and visit and wandering if you could help clear up if i could set it up as Moderate or should it be left as Adult? Or pop over to our sim and see for yourselves and tell me what you think, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Matchbox/72/92/23 as I have seen alot of Moderate sims with Adult items out so this is where I get confused.
  3. as the picture above shows i only get list, preview and edit . . not delete.
  4. Erm nope . . this is what am getting - - pic below
  5. I dont get the option to delete all i get is the option to: LIST, PREVIEW, EDIT yes the things am trying to delete are in a magic box and i've removed from the box and since deleted the magic box but they are the only options i get
  6. As the thread suggests, would it be possible to have a option to "delete" a listing from the "Manage Listings" section. Some off the stuff I had for sale was gacha and has since sold but would be nice to be able to delete said items in there to make it more manageable when it comes to setting up your new items in the manage listings section.
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