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  1. Thank you' I am on Mainland so I will submit a support Case
  2. For the past 24hrs I have been unable to save to any script, I get an error & a different asset number each time, I have searched for known problems on grid but not found this so wondered if anyone else was having problems, its just a simple texture hud, that I normally use with no problem Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Rosa
  3. Hi I recently returned to SL after a very long absence, so was not really MP savvy. I was just placing items with the body of text & that was it. My items were not being seen, I had very rare sales. I found the answer somewhere in this forum I have just looked at your MP store & you are doing exactly the same as I was... Not using the 'Features' section. According to what I have read in here. The search... searches Title > body text > Features. So I altered my Titles & started using the Features & my items are now coming up within the 1st few pages (not always) and my sales have quadrupled If your not sure go & look at some other Jewellery Merchants pages & see what they are putting in their features tab. Hope that helps Good Luck!
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