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  1. Unfortonately my boss doesn't like to see personal stuff like cellphones or tablets on the desks and also i don't sit at the same desk constantly. Than again logging into a game is allowed when there is time or just lunch break. And giving access to a user account to strangers is no problem since we give test accounts to potential clients also and there is enough security. Anyways, radegast text based viewer is functional enough to touch items so in a way that works out for me. Still if somebody does know a way to see SL graphically on a windows server 2003 or VPS i'd love to hear how.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply to my question. First of all, the reason why i want to run it on a server/web based is so that at work i can do some maintenance or help other in world without having to enjoy great 3d graphics as long as there is functionality. The text based clients wont let me touch objects in world though, for instance clicking on scripted object that will respond on that. So still i wonder if i would be administrator on a windows server 2003 or 2008 for instance, if than it would be possible to go in world. Also is there a work around for sl on a VPS, since there is no actual videocard with videomemory on that ? obviously i wouldnt mind if the sl world would look ugly and slow or even 2d, but i can't believe there is no way that it's really impossible since even an old smartphone can run sl so why not a strong windows server/vps ? i mean somehow cloud rendering or some kind of emulator or virtual videocard and so on should be possible right? So please if anybody has tips or ideas how to still make it possible, let me know And i can give you access to the remote desktop if anyone is willing to try to install a viewer and test it on windows server. Thank you, regards, Beschier
  3. Is there a working web client or cloud rendered client (besides the beta test of linden) to log in to sl without having to install software ? i'm asking this because i tried to install the default sl viewer and also all other 3th party viewers on serveral windows server machines, but each time there are errors like: invalid win32 , intergrity fails, or nothing happens at all, or have to be administrator, or the 32 bit colour error demanding a videocard (which a vps never has). therefor i'm looking for another way to be able to enjoy sl without a videocard (in a vps for instance), or without being admin. i have been reading , asking and googling for many many hours on this subject (in world to the firestorm developers, the irc chat channel, and many other 3th party pages) but no luck yet. if anybody has tips or help on this matter please let me know. thank you
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