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  1. Hi Benson

    The is great news if I am just what you are looking for. When do I start my new clife in S.L.

    You will not be dissappointed. Not sure what "hit me up" actually means so I have replied here and also added you to my friends. I look forward to hearing from, soon I hope !!!



  2. Hi Mistress, 


    I would be very interrested in your training as I am new and inexperianced in being the maid. There is nothing wrong regarding my standard of cleaning as I set the bar high and take great pride in my work and really enjoy seeing a bathroom shine after I have finished.

    If you are still doing the classes then would you be so kind as to consider me for your expert guidance and training.


    Reagards Massela 

  3. Hi ya 

    I am new here and I am being forced against my will by my ex wife to be transformed into a women and find an owner to serve or she has through a message threatened to turn me into a living plastic female shop mannequin.............forever !!!!!! My question is on my profile page what do i wzrite in the home field.

    Please help me It is five weeks ago since my forced femenisation started and I have noticed little swellings on my chest and the smoothness of my skin. I awoke this morning on a boat in nothing but  a  tea shirt a pair of panties and my bra and a small hold all comtaining a short skirts,heels some other bits of undewear and a letter explaining my fate and if i dont comply sge will have no choice but to ............... She has sold me to this island governer  and that for all the years I have mistreated her, She says I have got of lightly.... Lightly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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