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  1. hI When i log in how do return to the last location visited when i last logged out. Because now when i log in every time I can never seem to return to my last location. cant fing history to take me there. It is so frustrating Marsella
  2. Hi Benson The is great news if I am just what you are looking for. When do I start my new clife in S.L. You will not be dissappointed. Not sure what "hit me up" actually means so I have replied here and also added you to my friends. I look forward to hearing from, soon I hope !!! Regards Marsella
  3. Hi Miss So when are the peak times at the Sim, maybe I could help out if you feel I meet the job spec and experiance. Regards Marsella
  4. Hi I have been and toured your classy apartment and I must admit I am very impressed with all that I saw. So are you still looking for Dom and Sub staff ? If that is the case then I would like to apply for any sub positions that you may have. Regards Marsella
  5. Hi There Yeah defo count me in. Happy to do cleaning duties and domestic duties for us all in return for rent free accomodation. Let me know sooon Marsella
  6. Hi Mistress, I would be very interrested in your training as I am new and inexperianced in being the maid. There is nothing wrong regarding my standard of cleaning as I set the bar high and take great pride in my work and really enjoy seeing a bathroom shine after I have finished. If you are still doing the classes then would you be so kind as to consider me for your expert guidance and training. Reagards Massela
  7. Hi there I am very very interested.It just seems I wwould be short on experiance as I am still findnew on here and getting used to things. . Masella
  8. hiya Well I am looking to find someone similar to to obey and bve owned by. Get in touch . Marsella
  9. is this an exclusive club and invite only Marsella
  10. Thankyou Lindal. best get to my bhome and put some info in.
  11. Hi ya I am new here and I am being forced against my will by my ex wife to be transformed into a women and find an owner to serve or she has through a message threatened to turn me into a living plastic female shop mannequin.............forever !!!!!! My question is on my profile page what do i wzrite in the home field. Please help me It is five weeks ago since my forced femenisation started and I have noticed little swellings on my chest and the smoothness of my skin. I awoke this morning on a boat in nothing but a tea shirt a pair of panties and my bra and a small hold all comtaining a sh
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