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  1. LindeX™ Exchange: Market Data page reported Daily Market History up till March 5, 2019 & then stopped. This data is very useful, can you please report it again? ty ok ty I'll try the JIRA
  2. If you want to get things moving again. reduce sell fee to 2.5%
  3. I am also experiencing this same issue: *I have Basic account *Linden Dollar Transaction History reports no transactions *date ranges cannot be selected from the drop-down calendar *transaction history cannot be exported to CSV - XLS - XML formats *the page displays this (error?): Please specify a correct date format of YYYY/mm/dd and ensure the start date occurs prior to the end date. I look forward to resolution of this issue, thanks LL.
  4. Curiously, the day/night ratio of 3:1 correlates to summer solstice around the 57th parallel on Earth. This would put Second Life default environment around the Island of Barra in Scotland, or Kodiak Island in Alaska in the north, or in the oceans just north of Antartica in the southern hemisphere. BRRRR!
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