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  1. actually I don't think those are addressing my question, I skimmed the first 2 and one is from 7 years ago! I can make a fancy name no problem, I can enter it into SL no problem! but after about 5 minutes it automatically reverts back to my resident name without me having done anything
  2. Thank you ❤️ I guess I wasn't searching for the correct keywords
  3. would have been helpful if you elaborated instead of just posting a meme, I obviously did search and couldn't find any information on this, its why I asked! also If its intentional I don't understand why it would silently fail then make you wait a week to try again. why not just say "error try a different name" ?
  4. I noticed something, seems regardless of if you use the website or set your display name in game when use any Unicode even minor stuff like dotted letter i with a heart instead of a dot above it the game will show your new name for about a few minutes then it will revert to having no display name and will lock you out of setting a new display name for a week!! if you already have unicode in your name it seems to not care but trying to set a new one will revert to your resident name and you will lose the ability to use unicode characters. what gives ?
  5. I think I saw pics of this anime avatar fly past on twitter or somewher and Im curious if anyone can tell me who makes it? I particularly fond of the fringe, similar styles don't make it look as nice. I asked a few groups and a few friends, everyone seems to think its ayashi / ZS (I think only becaue its anime) I checked they don't have this style. I think the clip maybe the bows too possibly not part of the hair but unsure, the image may also be mirrored. someone somewhere has to know who makes it? Thanks
  6. mesh no not really, id seen some place offering an anneversary gift but I guess they removed it.I don't know of any other. sculpt hmm kind of, you could (I have not looked recently) get a free sculpt head and mesh body (basically the old free version of avatar 2.0 without a hud) from Hentai high by playing in the arcade area.
  7. Hi, I did ask in the firestorm support but they didn't know what I was talking about. @Whirly omg I knew it ! thanks ! people were giving me funny looks as if they didn't know what I was talking about. I have enjoyed this "bug" (between the lines feature!) for so long, I wonder if its possible to maybe put in a request to have it be made an option, I really liked the functionality! how would I go about doing that? I got a work around by holding down control but it seems a little slower and clunky Thanks again
  8. Hi I recently upgraded from firestorm 32 bit 4.x to get Bento stuff (64bit having odd camera issue. in firestorm 4x since as long as I can remember when toggling "object view" clicking left mouse anywhere then moving the mouse around would zoom in / out execpt when clicking your own avatar then it would automatically go into rotation mode. the auto rotate functionality seems to be gone in firestorm 5x, I asked and was told the camera code had not changed and that I should import settings from my old viewer which I did and nothing changed, then I was sent a faq about changing the DPI settings in windows 8 / 10 (neither os I have) tldr Is there a toggle, a setting, a hidden switch/command anything to restore how the camera behaved in firestorm4x ? "auto rotation in object view toggle on avatar collision " or is the funactionality just gone now ? apriciate any help Thanks
  9. I occasionally had similar issues when I first started building, you need to build in a better moderated sandbox area that dosn't allow weapons/spam if you do not like that sort of thing, a good place would be builders brewery for example. (you need to join the group to build there) have fun
  10. the bodysuits are exactly what I was looking for the other thing I was interested in was the shorts but I realized afterwards I already owned them and had to set the colour to white and recolour via edit and they look great thanks
  11. https://slm-assets1.secondlife.com/assets/10906369/lightbox/chestsamples.jpg?1421000145 I was trying to complete the look and wondered where I could get a few missing parts, was looking for... 1/the desert camo gun in the right shot (or maybe a desert themed pistol that I can holster on the back of the belt?) 2/the center image has sort of a black leotard thing, anthing like that avalible for the kemono? sort of on topic, I was curious about the Rikugou Lite (Head Not Included) description sayys in requires the full thing but I was wondering if it could just be used with the m3 head? Thanks
  12. There are several different skins built into the body hud if you press the settings button, changing them is as easy as clicking the skin colour you want to try. if you purchased a skin mod (I did this the first time the other day) simply be wearing the body, rez the buckets on the floor next to you, click the buckets, press the prompt to apply the skin, it was that simple with the one I tried. it may also help if you said which skin you were trying to add, mods are all made by different people some could be easier than others but I think it should come with appliers, also there are options in the hud for both the head and the body to add/load custom textures but I havn't used them.
  13. wondering if anyone has any suggestions, looking for a long robe like dress with a built in corset? not really sure what to search for (or if this is the correct area to ask?) dosn't need a hood but it would be nice (specially if it were optional up) I was suggested to look for seperate parts and build my own by a friend which seemd a good idea but Im not sure if I would beable to find parts that fit together (without clipping) as not everyone gives out demos any recommendations ? Thanks :)
  14. "hard to gauge your experience level" total beginner, I have some (very little) experience with 3d modeling software but most of that has built in features to snap and weld (verts) together. "Do more maths" I agree, it helps a lot! I have been doing some, what I did to line one thing up was line the center up at 60m horizontal then position two things at either side I added and subtracted to make sure they were both in the exact same places on the opposite sides. thanks, some of it went a little over my head but very helpful posts, I have taken notes Thanks
  15. there has to be a better way? I am limiting myself a little by trying to work by set dimentions e.g I make a prim around the length I want 9.2345M I just make it 9M because its close enough and it (seems) easy to work with. keeping with the above and trying to Im lining objects up but snapping them to the ruler. problems, 1/after deciding to collect my work and rez it another day this puts my ruler out of wack and nothing wants to snap into the previous positions I was using. 2/I had taken to rezing a new prim on a surfance just to copy its coords and paste them into the prim I want to line up, this sometimes works but I noticed it somethings hovering 0,00X00 off position, I have to zoom in really close and manually add or take away numbers to force it into place. is there a better way to snap objects together because Im finding lining things up very consuming for such a small part of a build? Thanks
  16. all I can find on the full perm script, is it's creator David Street, there is no information, notecard or anything about usability at all, maybe I will try contact him or ask wher I got the script. as for as copyrights and laws go, I have seen people selling ripped copyrighted music and material pulled from other games all over the place here and not cheap considering the effort!, I thought LL just didn't care? but I totally agree about respecting peoples licenes, part of why I asked. as for my vehicle its my own design, I didn't copy it from any game, maybe I just have not looked hard enough but I did had not seen much else like it on the market (maybe too niche in the first place?) about it being untextured, I was going for plastic look but I could add some to up the detail a little. I had no idea they took commissions, is this only a market thing? what do they take from $L? thanks for the response. edit:after a little searching I found something similar to what I made for $L3 although I feel mine is a little more detailed, so maybe I will try
  17. I created a vehicle, it took me around 4 days and then a few days just tinkering and working out minor issues (as to why it would just flip and crash into the floor lol) got it to a point where I like the look and a few people told me it was good enough to sell, its just over 100 prims, the scripts were donated to me, one I have no idea on the license of the first script but it is full perm the secoond free but states anything it is used in must be no mod / no transfer. I was wondering if I should try sell it and how much? Im not fond of those restrictions myself, considered giving it away on market maybe asking for donations (to encurage me to make more things :) ) it's will fly, is quite small maybe 3m x 1.5m x 1m, I had not textured it outside the base colours but I think it looks ok like that, anythoughts on the subject? Thanks :)
  18. short version don't wear the alpha, side effect you may have to scale / move the mesh to fit but still get some clipping (always make backups)
  19. oh thanks that was it! I played them all but not for long enough I didn't realise there were two! thanks
  20. stil nothing on this one? maybe I posted in the wrong section? I contaced the creators they told me all I had todo was hit reload from the menu my modified AO loads 42 animations the original loads 43 the animation I deleted still plays. I asked a friend and he said something about I may need to scrub the prim to purge animations but I have no idea where to start with that? any suggestions ? Thanks
  21. nevermind I think I fixed it ,I needed to reset scripts? edit:scratch that still randomly bending over
  22. I have this AO I love it but randomly it keeps making me bend over driving me insane, its so un-fluid. so I backup my AO, detatch it, rightclick and edit play some of the animations find the one in question TstandL3 so I edit a file called default delete the TstandL3 now reads "|TstandL2|TstandL4|" I still bend over randomly so I go into edit contents again and delete TstandL3 animation The bend over animaion is still playing (this is an idle standing animation) any suggestions ? Thanks
  23. issues Im running into a lot! I zoom my camera around my environment a bit, say a store then when I focus back on myself my mesh body is full of holes my chest sticks out through my top, my hair looks blocking in some parts see through. this is only client side and seems teleporting or chaning graphics settings fix it, but is there a better way? secondly sometimes my hair mesh dosn't load, says I am wearing it but Im just left walking around looking bald, anything I can do about this ? thanks :)
  24. not quite sure what you mean in protagonists? as in roleplaying or ...? anyway got myself the kemono (don't have the head as of yet may look into it soon, don't want todo too much too fast!) was a little disapointed switchign the feet to human meant I had no boots but overall I am happy with it, just need to find myself a nice outfit (and some boots!) and Im good also very cute dcope, which hair is that? I am having fun dressing up thanks for all the advice
  25. I was just about to say I went to the Utilizator in world store and it was filled with nothing but avatar 2.0 clothing so the Kemono link saved me asking! Thanks again for the responses all. very helpful
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