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  1. thanks guys for all ur help, im just not gonna bother. its frustrating me..lol
  2. i took everything off, every single thing her hair etc..so shes completly naked and bald...lol and the shoes never came off..again its confusing the crap out of me lol
  3. and it seems like when i wear garter socks its fine but when i take them off its invisable or those white feet show. i tried the editing shape but no luck, is that the editor ur talking about? sorry i am really confused when it does this. i wanna wear shoes that doesnt show these foot shapers
  4.  i want to get rid of the white feet but how?
  5. I uninstalled sl and reinstalled it, it seemed to help! Also, ty for taking the time to help me I appreciate it
  6. i dont get it, ive been having this problem for awhile and she wont load. i even looked it up on how to fix it and it still didnt help, please help! ive been wanting to play sl for a long time but cant cause of this problem! thanks She loads like this
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