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  1. hi there, first of all sorry for my english; I am "merchant on mp, for gacha items, so non copy ones.... I watched the videos, of course, but as english isnt my native language.. I missed things I guess.. I have problems, cant associate other items... windows opened, but dont change... cant make a quick fill if I have some items of th same kind... and I admit, (maybe I do something in the wrong way, ) its very long..
  2. bonjour, il y a plusieurs facons de resoudre le probleme, deja tout depend du viewer que tu utilises, ensuitetu peux resoudre le probleme en te teleportant dans une sim low lag, deconnecter de la et te reconnecter la bas .. tu peux aussi,(ce que je fais egulierement a cause d un inventaire super chargé ) tu peux aller dans inventaire, portés, tourver un element que tu portes, par exemple une robe, des cheveux, clik droit editer, et attendre.. bien souvent cela suffit a recharger, n hesite spas a demander de l aide inworld bonne journée
  3. hello there, sorry for my english first... not my native language. I use the VMM since yesterday.... as I dont understand some english words and subtilities.. I went to my magic box, took everything off (only gacha items, so non copy of course), and made as shown on the videos tutorials, (veruy well made btw) then drag items in my market place inventory folder.. still okay but my question is.. I began to find from the market place, the ID of each item, to copy it and paste it on each item in my inventory folders... as I understand nothing to technology.. (haha) do I really have to do this???? helppp
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